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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Hello folks! Hope everyone's happy and well and getting in the Bank Holiday mood (if you're in the UK that is...the rest of you will just have to make do with a weekend I'm afraid...) I just wanted everyone to marvel at the astonishing dexterity shown here by your aged and doddery humble scribe in customizing the Bandcamp page. After an extensive and expensive course in digital design principles....erm....oh alright, copying and pasting some code that the kind people on the interweb let you make on their site... I've completely transformed it! Ooh yes, by golly and, as the young people no doubt say when not too completely delapidated by their binge drinking, it rocks! Marvel! as clicking on the word 'Twitter' takes you straight to my Twitter account . Be amazed! as a press of the same digit on the mouse whilst hovering over the word 'Facebook' takes you to my Facebook page, swoon as....OK, I know, you've got the picture. Anyway, please do check it out and let me know if/when the links don't actually work...oh, and while you're there..... ;)

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