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Monday, 5 February 2007

Natalie Would...

And here's the proof....

Well, wouldn't you??


For anyone interested, I've also put a souped up version of the song "Wallis" up on - I'll be posting a few more tracks from the (hopefully) forthcoming LP/CD up there and at indie911 over the next few weeks and I'd be grateful for any comments as I begin to get the finished versions ready for a limited run (12? 13?) of self-financed, self published copies - probably they'll be available sometime after Easter (?), fingers crossed. As I'd like the project to be taken (vaguely) seriously away from these pages, I've decided not to allow downloads, rather as steaming (streaming?) audio, so if you want to bootleg them (by all means do - it'll save me a fortune getting the cunting thing pressed up), you'll probably need a Minidisc player....

Oh, and I'd recommend listening to the lo-bitrate version of 'Wallis', as well as the high - it's like it's being played on the world service, which I thought was rather apt...

L.U.V. on ya,


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  1. Forget outer stratosphere - it's Bob on his very own Swiposphere. Good on ya Bobber. Love on ya kidder. xxxx

  2. PS: I can/can I be your roadie - I can say 1, 2. Ha-ha. Ho-ho. Hello mother. Here we go. Channel 59. 1 2. 1 2*. (That's what Jarvis's** monitor guy said last Friday. I loved it when he said Hello Mother in a broad Sheffield accent - he sounded like a bingo caller).

    **He ROCKED. I'll let you know when it's up and running - not til next month.

  3. "Testes, testes, one, two, three..."

  4. "...two one, two one - isn't this a lot of fun??"

  5. The version of 'Wallis' on Garageband - is that the "Bad Trip Mix"?