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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Bobcast #40...

Do you like pina colada? Walking home in the rain?

No, neither do I. Fuck Rupert Holmes - let's have some MACCA!!!

The Bobcasts reach an important milestone so, to commemorate this auspicious event, we've put together a really shit one.

Listen to/download it here - go on, I dare you...

L.U.V. on y'all,


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  1. Fantastic!
    Love it!!!

    missed ya.

  2. I may try to listen to this if I can work out how to hear Plodcasts, because I think Paul Macartney is one of Britain's great embassedors and the second greatest songwriter of alltime after Roland Orzabal. I hope you play No More Lonely Nights, which reminds me of happier times with my estrange husband, Clive.

  3. love the observation about squeezing album sleeves down to cassette dimensions. Great play-out track as well.

    Hang on... that's three listeners...

  4. Four! I will get round to listening - hopefully tonight. L.U.V on ya big boy xx

  5. A big thumbs up to all four of you. Twice as many as I'd expected. I guess if I want to completely lose my audience I'll need to go nuclear. Now, where did I leave that copy of 'Ringo's Rotogravure'...??

    "which reminds me of happier times with my estrange husband, Clive."

    Is there a 'd' missing there, Glenda or did you accidentally add an 'e' at the beginning of strange? Either way, you have my deepest sympathy. Clive, that is.

    Right, I'm off to do a B.S. Johnson.

    L.U.V. on all 4 of ya,


  6. "I'm off to do a B.S. Johnson."

    You mean you're going to publish all your blog posts in a random order? Bob! Don't do it!

    Oh, it's OK, he's just slashed his wrists.

  7. I meant I was going to cut some holes in my books Tim...

    See Geoff's lot got Freddie. "Who's got girls in every port, hanging around like flies...?"

    L.U.V. on ya,


  8. I got through it no trouble Bob. Macca's alright (said reluctantly). Somebody has to represent nice middle class people I suppose.