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Tuesday, 2 September 2008


I lie before you
More compromised than promised;
A good deal to be brokered,
A shabby pornograph.

Sack artist -
Or hopeful artisan?;
Whatever you have made me,
Survey your work
In warmth
And safety. Take it easy
In your pew.

Or sit in judgement,
Rapt behind the viewer
Tutting at the negatives;
A writhing connoisseur.

Someone else
Will get the money;
All we can do is lie,
Writhe, importune and
Sigh - trapped in
This horny ether;
Devoid of fragrance -
Frozen hustles,
And turns.

Barbed and trussed
Your trusty captives wait,
Patient and eternal
In limpid, latticed

Flat, unmoved,
Posed, unmoving,
We take it on the chin
Then lie silent in sorority,
Our fraternity of victims;
Hooker, hoofer, gigolo,
Reader's wife or child.
All abused,
Now gaze back at you,

So, go on -

Feel the twitch between your legs.
Feel the shame you'd have us bear.
Feel their anger,
Feel their damage
In my sad, defiant stare.

L.U.V. on y'all,

Once was Bob




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