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Friday, 9 January 2009

Books I've Read in 2009...

Stone Me: the Wit & Wisdom of Keith Richards.

Synopsis: Compendium of humourous/sagacious quotes from the Walking Laboratory himself. Likes his HP sauce, does Keef. Oh, and heroin...

Best bit: the bit where he drives off with a guitar given to him by a fan to autograph. "Buy another one!" He tells the grizzling afficianado when they finally catch up with his limo to ask for it back.

Disobedience by Jane Hamilton*.

Synopsis: Henry, a young chap in his late twenties looks back on his teenage email surveilance of his piano playing mother's love affair with a Ukrainian violinist.

Best bit: Elvira/Elvirnon - Henry's 'greggy'** American Civil War re-enactor sister.

Girl Meets Boy by Ali Smith.

Synopsis: Inverness-set re-telling of Ovid's Metamorphoses. Imogen and Robin are "Greggy" modern day equivalents of Ianthe and Iphis (it says here). Lots of gender confusion and a fine anti-globalisation polemic centring on the obscenities of water profiteering and female disempowerment (or your own randomly selected choice of right on buzzwords)

Best bit:

Hi. This is Anthea. Don't leave a message on this phone because I'm actually trying not to use my mobile any longer since the production of mobiles involves slave labour on a huge scale and also since mobiles get in the way of us living fully and properly, on a real level, with people and are just another
way to sell us short. Come and see me instead and we'll talk properly. Thanks.

Oh and a nice Cilla Black gag.

L.U.V. on y'all,


*Begun in 2008.

**See Girl Meets Boy.

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  1. Re: Keef.
    Sure, it's all very funny until he drives off with *your* Epiphone Joe Pass...

  2. [..raises elaborate old ladies-style pink handbag in mock horror...]



    (Who's upset Penelope?)


    wierd vertilification: trouse

    So near, eh?