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Monday, 7 February 2005

Booleian logic #2: Heike's Heels

Hi Swipesters!

Second in an occasional series in which your humble scribe scours cyberspace for the pick of world wide web.

This week, a real gem. OK, you all know I was born in 'dear old blighty' and even though I now consider myself a fully paid up member of "Team America", there are still few things that mark me as a true Brit and run through me like the writing in a stick of rock. One is a love for a 'decent cup of tea' - I can't abide the paltry piss-water you yanks throw down your gullets in the mistaken belief that you are drinking tea. The other is a profound and deep seated dislike of the Germans and all things teutonic (this is mainly football related but there are a few war-related themes too). So, imagine my surprise when I found my icy English breast melted by the work of one of the 'master race'. For it is a cold and ignoble heart that could not be charmed by young Heike's lovingly tended homage to all things elevated in the footwear department. I can't really add anything in words but to thoroughly recommend that you totter over to the link opposite and feast your eyes on some of the nicest feet (and legs) this side of Munchengladbach. Oh, and Heike - if you're out there - please feel free to contact the site and maybe we know, hook up and .....if the mood was right and you felt there was something going on between know.... walk all over me???

Like the lady says: "UMFRAGE!!"



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