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Monday, 14 February 2005

Valentine's Day

Hi Swipesters!!

Apologies to all you lovely vixens out there obviously distraught at not having received a valentine's card from me today. As you are no doubt aware, security concerns here in Washington have caused enormous delays in our postal service (well, you try opening 500,000 envelopes every day and reading their entire contents!) Consequently, patriot that I am, I have refrained from sending out my annual missives of suggestive artwork and erotic prose. Let's just hope Dubya can bring a speedy end to this war on terror so that normal service can be resumed ASAP.... In lieu of a card, I'd like to send out my heartfelt throbbings to the following sweet little chickies in the hope that their day will be brightened by the knowledge of my febrile sexual yearnings for them:

Melissa Etheridge

Bette Midler

Scarlett Johansson

Kate Moss

Anna Massey

Condoleeza Rice

Penny Smith

I could go on - there are just so many lovely ladies out there. But I'm sure you'll agree that the list of names above would brighten up anyone's Valentine's Day.....esp. if you could get them all in the same room!

Regular readers will be aware of my annual "Ministry of Swipe" compilation of love songs and tired old MOR standrads. You'll be pleased to know that this year's effort will be available online. Just click on a title for a superb MP3 sample, remastered from pristine vinyl source. Happy Listening!!

Always Somebody Who Cares - Paul McCartney

Tuxedo Junction - Manhattan Transfer

San Miguel - Roger Whittaker

War Dance - Killing Joke

World Without Love - Peter & Gordon

Exploited Barmy Army - The Exploited

Miss You Nights - Cliff Richard

I Feel Love - Donna Summer

Love on y'all!


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