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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

"A Herd of Independent Minds"...

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  1. The good thing about this forthcoming smoking ban is the number of trees that will be put to far better use... their role of eventually becoming snazzy wooden flooring, for example.

    But on a serious note Bob, I'm all for using public transport or even the humble pushbike, but I'll be fecked if I'm gonna be peddling a 30 mile round trip to work and back every day in the middle of winter just because the public transport system doesn't exactly cater for shift-workers.

    I agree with your sentiment behind these posts, but the practical problems that need overcoming are quite challenging at times.

  2. "...never got it off on that revolution stuff - such a drag - so many *snags*...."

    Yep, and what's changed? I can't disagree Istster that it is a very complex and thorny problem, but it seems to me that given the extremity of the situation, despite those complexities, you're faced with quite a simple choice at the end of the day. You either try to live like a sane person, or a lunatic...

    Sure, you hear stories on the Beeb that China has overtaken the US in emissions, so why bovver?? But does that mean that if your neighbours house was on fire, the sensible response would be to set light to your own?

    It's food for thought, Ister...

    L.U.V. on ya,


    P.S. how was the Stooges gig? I saw Igster on his own at Brixton around the time of Gulf War 1 and he opened the show by saying "welcome to the 19-fucking up-90s..." He wasn't wrong, was he?

  3. RoMo will no doubt do a spectacular write-up of last night's Stooges gig, go over to her blog. Her powers of observation are uncanny.

    In two words, the gig was *fucking* *fantastic*. I'd go again and so should you - don't miss out.