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Sunday, 17 June 2007


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  1. Beautiful Bob. And very concise. I think the other important point is that no matter how helpless or uninformed or lazy we feel - it takes very very little to make a difference. Just re-using all your plastic bags or swapping your light bulbs for longlife ones makes a huge and positive difference - and it takes hardly any time at all! There are some really positive things happening amidst all the doom and gloom stories. Unfortunately, the other thing we mustn't forget about climate change is politics. I recently found out that although the US seem to point their grimy global finger at China and India being the worst planet polluters - the US in fact pollute 8x as much as China and India together. It's outrageous and wrong and until the US adopt a sensible policy for change - we will have a larger struggle perhaps than there should be.

    Anyway - I will think fondly of dear Joe tonight as I switch off the light and hopefully dream of swallows conducting their operations until dawn. xxx

  2. Does this mean that you'll find alternative ways to travel to Greece? Or will you stop going to faraway destinations for your hols altogether?

    I've done a few long haul flights and never even thought about me being part of the cause for polluting the planet. It's always been a case of (selfish) needs must. I had to go somewhere miles away and the time I had to travel and visit was limited (you see where I'm going with this...flying was the obvious choice).

    I'm not the only one that's read that someone somewhere had invented a combustion engine that used sea water as its fuel (not talking about traditional steam engines). What happened to that? It got shit-canned by governments and organisations who were more interested in profits from oil. Zimbabwe is heading towards an inevitable downward spiral because of it's apparent lack of oil rich resources. The big powers are not interested in butting in, even though honest folk are loosing their freedom and livelyhood.

    How exactly do you change a mindset of millions that lives and breathes corporate greed?

    We've lived through various changes in the past, from bad to good and vice versa, with both directions causing difficulty for some and joy for others in each case.

    It's an individual thing, but it's also planning for the future souls that are going to inhabit this mudball that we're currently living on.

    If it makes you sleep well at night then it'll prove to be an interesting excersize.
    You may even make a difference.

    Shall we all raise a glass to the late Joe Swipe?

  3. There's too many of us lovely folks on this poor beautiful planet. Well OK maybe some of us aren't so lovely. No I don't have the answer.

  4. We need a machine that is able to shrink us all by fifty percent or less. Then there'd be more resources to go around.
    Trouble is, we'd probably get eaten by our pets.

  5. Thank you all - you will each get a mention when Bono and Sir Bob accept the Nobel award on my behalf...

    Yes Ro, it's true. Little things at least make you feel you're doing something and they do build up into bigger lifestyle changes over time. I have recently stopped torching those huge gas containers you always used to see whenever there was a long shot of the Oval during a break in the play and have consequently reduced my carbon footprint to a rather dainty size 7 as a result...

    I'm going to try to steer clear of the jets, Ister. Lots of nice hols that can be done quickly by train/coach etc. - see a bit more of the UK etc. I figure that if we're looking for an 80% reduction, I might be able to justify a trip to NYC in about 9 holiday's time....

    There are *way* too many of us Dickster. Let's hope we can share the spoils a bit and trust growing affluence in the emerging countries will reduce rather than add to the problem...

    Oh well, better dash - that yoghourt won't knit itself, you know...

    L.U.V. on ya,


  6. Nice piece Bob.

    I get terribly spun 'round by differing views on all this, I find it hard to know who to trust.

    Seemingly sane people become rampant doom mongers. Then other seemingly sane people tell us "not to worry, everything's going to be fine, this sort of thing happens every 2million years and there's nothing you can do about it".

    In the long run tho, I reckon it makes sense for each of us to do what we can, I mean every little bit of self-discipline can't do any harm can it?

    RoMo has a point though, what ARE we going to do about those yanks? A hand-cart may have a low carbon footprint, but that's little comfort when it's en route to Hell.

  7. I know what you're saying Howesey, but it's *really* *quite* *simple*:

    ...don't worry, everything's going to be fine; we're *dooooooooomed!!!!*

    But seriously: well, even within that vast array of humanity that we Brits commonly refer to as "the septics", there is a smidgeon of hope. California has a quite enlightened approach, f'rinstance. They have reduced their emissions not so much through the sleight of hand that is carbon trading or any particualrly novel approaches to energy production, but rather by consuming less - energy efficient bulbs, fridges etc. have meant that the Pacific Gas & Electric Co. reversed it's plans to build 10-20 new power stations over the last decade or so. Due to tighter regulation of the energy industry there, it's proved the most cost effective option to encourage energy efficiency and lower consumption ; "negawatts" as they so quaintly call them are having a big impact there, so just imagine what we (supposedly) more enlightened Brits could do if we consumed a bit less...?

    "It's food for thought, mobsters..."

    L.U.V. on ya,


  8. But it isn't funny, I've read so many blogs that are really just nothing, no humour, nothing, you at least have structure.

    I would advise that you extend your perceptions of humour outwards, out towards the others not just in your clique, achieve this feat and you will go far.

    Yours forever,

    Enrique xx

  9. Thank you Enrique.

    Believe it or not, I have been trying to extend my influence beyond my (rather pitifully small, I have to agree) own little clique, as you call it. Unfortunately, they seem to be the only ones who are interested.

    Damn shame, I say...

    Still, you have swelled the fold by the tune of one, for which - muchas gracias!

    L.U.V. on ya


  10. looks like IT'S Pagham for you Master Swipe ...Pops would be proud XX