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Friday, 19 October 2007

The 'L'-word...

I get a rather touching email from a really nice person at NewsNow. I've submitted the website to them in the hope of getting the match reports some exposure on their Arsenal thread. They don't want to syndicate my writing but it doesn't feel so much like a rejection when it is put like this:

Dear Robert,

Thank you for submitting The Robert Swipe Show for inclusion on NewsNow.

Unfortunately, your application has been declined because we only aggregate news. We consider that your content constitutes, dare I say it, literature, rather than news.

We wish you every success in the future...

Yes, please dare.

And thank you.

L.U.V. on y'all,


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  1. Well, if you will insist on writing about matches from 1945 ...

    Perhaps you'd have more luck if you contacted the Pathe News site (well, if there is a Pathe News site).

  2. .....or Pathetique news, more like Bett...

    It were proper football back then, mind...


  3. Too bloody literate that's your problem mate. It alienates the rank and file.

  4. Dare I say it - why don't you send your assorted writings to a literary agent or two? I have lists of them - mail me at the yahoo address if you are interested. Luv on ya kidder xx

  5. A literary Agent, Ro-ster? Are there really such things????

    I've been shown the door by most literary agents in the UK already, as it goes. Most recently, I went to the William Morris Agency. I thought I might as well see their door too, but those bastards wouldn't even show it to me...


  6. Ahh, the NewsNow people are and always have been very lovely. They once gave me a whole set of little flag icons for free, bless 'em.

  7. Oh no - that's shame. Don't get disheartened. Drop me a line - I may be able to help. x