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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A night at the opera...

For those of my reader(s) fortunate enough to be in possession of a smart phone/iphone type gizmo, I really can't recommend the new Opera web reader app highly enough. It's a brilliant way of accessing web content. You can choose text sizes that are actually readable and it seems to work well with all the sites I look at regularly - Arsenal News Review, the Guardian and the Beeb all are a joy to flick through now ( although there are the usual access issues on the Tarty Doris website, obviously, but that might just be the effect of the restraining order. That Holly Willoughby's a touchy mare, isn't she????

But best of all, it's *free*!!!!

As they used to say on the Goon Show; 'Get some today!!!'

L.U.V.on y'all,



  1. How much are they paying you?

  2. Like the gizmo itself, Tim (not to mention John Inman)...

    ...I'm Free...