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Friday, 17 August 2007

A Book at Bedtime...

Hear Bob read the first four chapters of his Novel in progress, The Road to Moscow...

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Oh, and apropos of nothing, here's a lovely old Atlantic label...

and this lovely Bergkamp shirt from the first ever game at the Emirates:

L.U.V. on y'all,


Hear Bob read his novel in progress, The Road to Moscow!!

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  1. Now look 'ere Bob. I come from a secondary modern school of ejukayshun and I don't know what "apropos of nothing" means.

    Are you saying that the disc and the shirt are the prize in a quiz that you're going to set later on when the novel is finished?

    Did you ever release that album you were working on, re; "Fiddler in the Attic"?

    It's too much to take in. I can't keep up, perhaps I should start replying to those junk emails I keep getting for Cialis.

  2. Saw your comment on readmylips thingy and thought I better pop over despite being on my holiday keeping away from the horrorness of Blighty. My you have been busy - Poborsky - whatever happened to him? I used to enjoy watching 90's Czech games when he was playing. xx