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Sunday, 4 November 2007

Bob & Stray's Crackly Saturday Record Club...

See? Aren't we good to you?

Just when you thought Radio 2 had been *completely* overrun by young hooligans like Ross and Lamarr and you were starting to think the good old days of Jimmy Young were all but over...



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L.U.V. on y'all,

Bob & Stray

Hear Bob read extracts from his diary of the 2007-08 season, "The Road to Moscow"!!

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  1. Nothing directly to do with Kirk's lipstick story: The bloke who played Mr Sulu (who recently came out of the closet after all these years - because Hollywood can be a rather unforgiving industry) is recently reported to have said that most of the original cast of Star Trek disliked William Shatner. Asked why, George Takei said "Bill's a good actor, but he has his insecurities".

    Love the Stray-Swipe cast. About time to.

  2. "Mr Sulu (who recently came out of the closet after all these years - because Hollywood can be a rather unforgiving industry"

    "Unforgiving industry??", Vanski Boy?? You can say that again. Locking people in closets for years at a time like that. Is it because he was oriental?

    Glad you liked the Crakly Saturdaycast.

    £1.50, eh? I *knew* I should have bought the copy of English Settlement that was there at the same time...


  3. Ho-ho Bobby:0). I forgot to mention it was part of a news story about homosexuality on the set of Star Trek. Many of the people behind the scenes were closet-gay folk who were worried about negative repercussions on their own acting career if they ever came out.

    It's not known what Shatner's alleged insecurities are/were - wether it's to do with working with a large gay workforce or not.

    Probably to do with his own acting ability.

    Word Verification: pcwpie

    Well I thought it was funny...

  4. Bobster - just about to broadcast it over work speakers! By the way - how do you manage to get bobcasts through the itunes system? I foolishly submitted mine only to be rejected due to violation of copyright - oops! Luv on ya big boy xx

  5. Ro-tisserie of Mo-tisserie:

    Thanks for the exposure (oo-err - reminds me of that bathing incident...brrrrr!!)

    Easiest thing to do is to open up i-Tunes and click on either file or edit - can't remember which) and there should be an option to 'Subscribe to podcast'. Click on that and it will ask for a URL. Paste in the link to the podcast's feed (in this case:)

    and click OK or whatever. It then downloads all the episodes on the feed into your i-tunes. Alternatively, paste the feed URL into a website search with i-Tunes running. If you use jellycast or Switchpod, it should come up with all the episodes on your feed but also give you the option to subscribe in i-Tunes. Just click on that.

    Finally, I'm not sure if this works if you've not had your cast accepted by i-Store, but you can just replace the http part of the url with itpc -


    That's supposed to give you the one-click option to subscribe - you could give that a try posted in as a link on your blog page.

    Hope that helps...Will post in your comments too so that you get to see this


  6. Errr...hang on...let me read all that again I didn't manage to take in any of that. I think I did do that via Slutbitch but I got the 'you have violated the system warning'. Will try again perhaps. Thank you x