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Saturday, 17 November 2007

Missing Records Podcasts...

I've posted up the first two - here...

Or if you want to listen or download from here, just left or right click respectively on the song title...

Can't Stand Losing You

The Drowners

To subscribe and get the episodes as they're posted up, try here...

I won't be posting my ramblings about 'The Drowners' up here, so do have a listen to that episode if you're interested in following the series.

L.U.V. on y'all,


Hear Bob read extracts from his diary of the 2007-08 season, "The Road to Moscow"!!

You can now subscribe to 'The Road to Moscow' (it's free!!!) in iTunes!!

Bob and Stray's Crackly Saturday Record Clubcasts now available at Jellycast!!


  1. That Police album cover has certainly made me think Bob. Something to do with global warming is it?

  2. Splendid Bobster - thank you - I will listen to it in the rorn of morn and I am yawn-ing and need my sleeeep x

  3. 1. I really enjoyed the missing records cast (only listened to The Police one so far).
    2. You were really impatient, weren't you Bob?

  4. I am a creature of impulse, Vanski Boy. This is why I start so many things I can't finish and have never succeeded in anything I've done.

  5. At least you're a successful impulsive (or is that an impulsive success?).

  6. Holy de-ionised water, Batman!

    Nice stuff, Bob.