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Monday, 11 August 2008

Isaac Hayes R.I.P...

Poor Isaac. Found dead near his treadmill, aged 65. I always knew exercise was bad for you, but this is ridiculous...

You don't think of such a huge and vital presence as being capable of death, do you? But there you go. Anyone who played on those astonishing Stax/Volt records could have died happy in the knowledge that they'd contributed something rather special to the collective good - usually if there's a piano and an organ on them, whichever isn't being played by Booker T. is being played by Ike (notice the tense there; music doesn't die, I suppose, if that's any consolation...)

But Isaac Hayes did so much more - let's hope he was aware before he went of the tremendous gift he's left behind him. I hope his talent was always visible or known to him. It's a fucking lonely slog otherwise - you're in the dark, completely; it really is thoroughly dispiriting. It was a bad day to begin with, but reading about Isaac's death just made it so much worse.






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