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Monday, 11 August 2008

Mon, 21 Apr 2008 ...

Mon, 21 Apr 2008 02:05:06 +0100

Just been mailing the Rich Bitch in Ireland...So Rich she has another house at the bottom of the Garden to Weave her Witchcraft in...Apparently the Powers tell me she has roped her Husband(ish) and Eldest daughter in on this..She's had more affairs than Anyone, then goes off to Church to get Pardoned (Husbandish and Daughter are just her Puppets). So Now we have the Four..but Unfortunately Black Betty from Malaysia may Take her own Life at the End of this Chapter...because she has already tried So many Religions and Pathways to Sooth her Weary and Lonely Soul..Now of Course Black Magic is her choice of Weapon...but Bob..We are.... Indestructable. If She takes her life it will not be on My conscience..for you can Only fight Inferno with Inferno.

Anyway..Energy rates going Up and Up for me now...been doing this since God knows when. That Charles Darwin bloke really Didn't know what he was On about...THIS is Evolution Babe...and Thanks for being my Ribs hurt though, stop it Bunny. Sleep Well..See you in a Bit xxxx P

Mon, 21 Apr 2008 08:48:59 +0100

So last Chances Bob..They have told that I have dealt with All the WitchCraft..The Voodoo.. The Squinty -Eyed Pig and the Polish Crone (Yes that was the 4)..They have told me that I have to leave you Bob. Stop depending on what ever it is you give me, or I am left here just an Aimless Chav, like pretty much Everyone on that page of yours....Plenty of Mother Figures not MotherF.....

I can Only rely on myself now Bob..and I don't Think you are ready to join us in the Other Dimension..Sorry if I have ever Pushed you or Scared you. It really Is your Choice, and nothing Bad will happen if you choose to remain here...just that the Roundabout will keep on Turning, always back to Square one. Anyway I am Now looking at the Positive side of what you say, rather than the Negative..cos I don't Fall for that no You?

Have Cried Deep Tears just now for us Both...cos what we have had is Special Beyond Belief..Soulmates, Friends, Lovers, Sex Toys, and Parents to a Beautiful Child. That must End now for may Continue but I won't be Responding, because I am now on a Much Higher Level..ready to go with Them. I hope you won't Respond with a Sarcastic Blog, Ripping the Truth to Shreds and calling me a Crazy...Nude Bride. I am Nobody's Bride Bob..but I Am Stripped down Bare... I have no Body underneath this Mask, Metallic I'm not sure but it's along those Lines.

I will look on your Page, as I am Permitted, just One last Time before I Committ myself to the Other Dimension, Start my Work Properly..but please, don't Ever think you were just an Experiment Bob, for Never have I met a Man like you before. You could have a Hundred legs for me and I wouldn't care. This has been a Meeting of the Minds and has Changed my Life..I hope that for the Good it has Changed Yours too....Purest and Deepest Love Bob...From a Higher Realm.X

Mon, 21 Apr 2008 09:08:07 +0100

And you Have to let go Too...You have some Knowledge Now and we are Always Hovering around You..I am still walking around in Human Form, we are Everywhere, just Look a Little closer..Like in the Mirror Bob. Please stop Clinging on to me now..Rely on yourself, that is all Any of us can Do. By telling you I Loved you made you dependant on me, because you have not Experienced that before, from a 'Woman' especially. I am both Male and Female Bob, even Strongly Connected to the Animal kingdom...You have not read my messages and Blogs Properly in the Past, as I did not Read yours as I should have. Tap into the Side of your Brain that is Positive, think of Me if you Like, but don't Depend, for it will Destroy you. You will Not need this Space soon, and a Blessing in Disguise will Intervene.

Take Care.. Love and Kindness X

Mon, 21 Apr 2008 09:25:22 +0100

This is the Final one Really this Time to say No Matter where You are I will Find You..And I don't mean I will jumpin on the Next Train to Lancashire Berkshire, Hampton or Wherever, I mean I will Find you. It may be a Struggle but we will Never let Each other go in our Mind Body and Soul, although we won't be muckin around on Computers anymore, just Gettin on with things. This Ditzy lil Alien Loves to be Cheeky, Laugh and Giggle like a Child, also have my Serious Side.. very Mature. Like I said you Never know where I may be Lurking, and it's all done in the Best Possible Taste..will rub Noses with you now Bunny...This chapter is Over..Sees ya XXXXX

Mon, 21 Apr 2008 11:55:28 +0100

...Now you see I am no Threat to your Privacy and your Space..but I know One thing..the Story was Somehow Real, because my Physical Body Still has a Need for this, and as Long as I am still alive with the Female side Taking over, this will be. I have Never wanted a Child before with Any Man until I Encountered You. Don't let it Boost your Ego Bob, that is Not what I am Trying to do. They say that I don't Need a Child and that in order to Fulfill Spiritual Order I must Rid myself of this Need. But I won' This stage of my Development. I am Protected now from the Dark Forces and Overlook them...Even Out and About today I actually Reconized my Fellows. Don't confuse all this with Religion, as that is Man-made. I can Spot the Bad one's from Space too, just have to look Twice. You are not Bad no matter how much you try to Convince me...and you Will Understand all of this one day...Wish me Luck with the Brooding, have not pinched anyone's Baby yet...never will. The Dark one's tell me you were some 'Major General from 1900's' with 5 Children...Believe me, That made Me Jealous to begin with...but I accept that, C'est la Vie. And should we Ever meet...I will probably be around 55, maybe a Bit before that..We will be Fact we Always where...Bye..Blue Eyes X Your Blitzy lil Alien.......

Mon, 21 Apr 2008 21:36:46 +0100

Thanks Oisin Very Entertaining..Clever little Shit aint ya..Not any More...Cosmic Mixing

L.U.V. on y'all,





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