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Monday, 11 August 2008

The Stalker Files (part one)

It hasn't escaped my notice that, despite my best efforts to cleanse this blog of every single reader, at least 10 of you silly sods are still regularly turning up every day. Oh well, hopefully this next (final) push will persuade even those hardy lunatics to give up and go and do something more interesting and useful - such as hatemailing Footman on the Commentische Macht Frei chatrooms or whatever it is that you all do when you're not coming over here to see if I'm up to anything that will further your own careers...

So, the plan is to post up all the stalker emails that I've received over the last three or four months. I'll post them up as they came. I'm doing this for two reasons. One, it's the only way I'll ever be able to read them all - and in this, excitingly, I'll be placed in exactly the same position as anyone else who reads them; I won't have a clue what's in them as I've ignored them until now. Secondly, it just means cutting and pasting them on here, so will take even less time to do than the blogs I used to enjoy posting up so much.

Be warned, there are rather a lot of them. Still, that's me; generous to a fault...there's *nothing* I won't share with my reader(s). Just to clarify - these are all coming, if not from the same person, then the same address. I've thought long and hard about the wisdom/ethics of posting them up. I don't seek to make any personal gain from thia - how can I? All I've accrued from this is unwarranted attention and that horrible feeling you get when you're being watched but you don't know by whom. Also, there's a slim chance that someone out there might recognise the person behind this torrent and possibly be able to help them. If I don't, then this long, harrowing cry for help - that, I'm afraid, is what it amounts to - will all have been for nothing. But then, aren't all cries for help, ultimately...?

[Editor's note: interesting that they start on 20th April - Hitler's birthday. And in mid stream, as if continuing a prior conversation...]

Sun, 20 Apr 2008 23:25:35 +0100

Rushing you of my Biggest faults I know. Still, you Know where they Live now so you can still take the ride with me...Pick up a Few tips Here and There. But if it gets so out of hand with these Briggeetes please come in All Guns Blazing for me..because I will need your Expertize. Violence is a thing we try to avoid at All costs, but remember there are Powers so Dark there is only one Option - to Snuff them out Completely. There are Two female Negatives at work here, and as I have said, Two others endeavour to get in as well. They Fear Love so much their Jealousy and Rage become them...Overspilling onto others...But they can't beat the Powers of This Dimension.

I am tempted to use the word Love again Bunny, but I know how that suffocates you so I won't. I am just Glad to have you with me in Mind, if not Totally in Heart. So Sleep well, Dream well Comrade.... in Arms x P

Sun, 20 Apr 2008 23:57:38 +0100

Bunny wot have I said about not making me do it All the time..and that's what I mean by Cute. I need All my Powers of Concentration here and can't get Sidetracked by Funnies. No No don't go sticking Pics of Hearses on's Always one Extreme to the Other Bun. The Happy Medium is What's needed now..That's what I am..well not a Medium actually I'm a bit on the Large side These days like John Prescott...Anyway...Sleep well and I'll see you in my Dreams..and in the Mornin..And the Afternoon..the Evening and..well it just goes On...P XXXXX

L.U.V. on y'all,





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