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Friday, 29 April 2011

Betjeman's Banana Blush...

This is lovely and, according to this piece in The Grauniad, quite hip too. I picked this up in the Shooting Star Hospice place in Hampton Hill on Wednesday. What a lovely way to spend a morning; trotting from shop to shop in brilliant sunshine, idly flicking through the Mantovani and Mathis in the hope of finding a gem. That's about as close to the England Betjeman eulogises that it's possible to get nowadays, I guess; the smell of old things and decay, and the merest sliver of hope and redemption of time lost that can only be found in the forgotten and discarded. And this was it; a little ray of sunlight - from opulently textured sleeve, to gleaming, dust-free grooves - a precious English gem...

(It's so nice, I've posted up all the tracks. Enjoy...)

Side one:

Indoor games near Newbury

Business girls

Agricultural caress

Youth and age on Bielieu River Hants

The arrest of Oscar Wilde at the Cadogan Hotel

Side two:

Lenten thoughts

The Cockney amorist

Longfellow's visit to Venice

The flight from Bootle

A Shropshire lad

On a portrait of a deaf man

A child ill

Oh, and that lovely old Charisma label...:


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