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Wednesday, 3 May 2006

The Brand Spanking New Betty Page Page Page!!!

That's right Swipesters!!

After the overwhelming success of the Brand Spanking New Betty Page Page,

we were so inundated with comments that we just HAD to give our besotted readers a Betty Page Page Page of their own!

Here's what our readers of the Brand Spanking New Betty Page Page have been saying:

"Wow, like, the broad has , like some good tits. I wouldn't throw her out of the saddle for all the barley in Nantucket" Steeple Randersthorn, Wyoming.

"Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck...dang it, ma sta-presstz!" Wilbur Curmudgeon, Utah.

"Hey dollface, you using them legs or can I practice on 'em for a while. You will KNOT forget me in a hurry!!" Pleebus Condoleezacunt IV, World & European Knot Champion, level III, 1973-1986.

"Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck, hyuck, hyuck....WILMA!!!!!!!!!!" Spittoonald Cankerrabbitmittenwalader, North Carolina.

That's just a small sample of some of the incomprehensible obcsenity we've received from you over the last 24 hours.

Keep 'em comin'!!!!!

Love on y'all,


© 2006 Swipe Enterprises

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