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Friday, 19 May 2006

The Professor.

Every week, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger OBE deconstructs a famous text or philosophical treatise. This week, Samuel Beckett's play, Endgame....

Widely regarded as Samuel Beckett's finest and funniest play, Endgame was famously produced on the stage here in London starring Michael Gambon, Lee Evans, Liz Smith and Geoffrey Hutchings.

The world is coming to an end. Beckett's 1957 dark comedy finds the blind, bullying Hamm (Gambon) and his shambling, idiotic servant Clov (Evans) trapped in a strange room. Along with Nagg (Hutchings) and Nell (Smith) - Hamm's parents who live in a pair of dustbins - the 'Servant' and his 'Master' pass the time toying with the hopelessness of the situation, all along sensing the inevitability of their end. I felt we started brightly, although with the pressure of the big game, I feel perhaps Nagg and Nell were a little bit cagey, offensively and the sending off changed the game completely. We seemed to tire a little bit in the final third, the extra man began to tell - but that is football. Obviously, we showed tremendous character after the sending off and, I would say, if Nell had not been hampered by the dustbin, she may have been a little bit harder to beat at the near post. We go back to Colney and we will work at it - I feel the quality is there to do well in this team. And if we can get Henry out of the dustbin, next year? Who knows....

Love on ya Gooners everywhere,


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