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Saturday, 16 January 2010


Well, what else can you do when you're bereft of ideas, your career's stalled and you've been reduced to making up the numbers on Britain's most popular celebrities-learning-to-dance-at-peak-time-on-a-Saturday-night vehicle but....*cash* *in*!!!

Yep, it's greatest hits time again folks - but fear not, oh intrepid punter...this is no simple rehash/reheat/reissue/repackage/repackage slip them into different sleeves/please the press in Belgium Rock 'n' Roll Swindle, oh no - I should cocoa...ho ho ho ho ho ho (...see what I did there? I was pretending to laugh all the way to the bank....)

But seriously, with the extra exposure I'm going to be getting from being on Strictly, Ziggy and I felt it was the appropriate time to overhaul the old Swipe back catalogue, give the old ouevre a sonic makeover and generally make sure that the old songs we knew and loved are ship shape and Bristol fashion for the century ahead. We've got in the best engineers we could afford ('s amazing what people will do for a set of out of date, forged Luncheon Vouchers in the current economic climate, isn't it?) and they've set about remastering every album so that it will sound even more fabulous in your i-Pod. As an added bonus for all my loyal fans who already have all the original albums, we've put together a splendid compilation of the best bits called Changesonebob, which will feature not only the best-loved songs from my career but a few rare and previously unreleased tracks from the 'lost' albums - Polskie Delicatesy and DaDa DiVa, as well as some weird and wonderful out-takes and a couple of brand new songs!

We'll be posting them up in twos and threes as we complete the remastering process for each album so keep an eye out for the posts here or make a regular visit to the SwipeCore site from whence you'll be able to download all the songs as well as the original albums - all for *absolutely* *free*!!

Right, must dash - they want me to give the once over to the newly restored 'Memory of a Free Subscription to Harper's Bizarre' and the meter's running....

L.U.V. on ya,


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