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Friday, 29 October 2010

Bobcast #2 (remastered)...

Listen to or download Bobcast #2 (remastered) here...

Production notes:

Originally posted on 25th July 2006, this is the first Bobcast proper. On 22nd July, a trial broadcast - a very poor quality, barely audible spoken word effort - was put into the public domain, but the story of the Robert Swipe Show podcasts really starts here. Initially recorded onto a portable mini-disc player through a £10.00 microphone bought specifically for the task from Dixons, the tracks and Bob's links were then edited to form some semblance of a show on Bob's full size mini-disc player. The sequence was then recorded in real time onto Bob's CD recorder and the resulting CD imported into iTunes to enable Bob to post up an Apple encoded MP4 to SwitchPod. Even by contemporary standards, this was all quite a pallaver! Taking the original MP4 file, through painstaking audio restoration work using the most up-to-date technology at our disposal, we've managed to make Bob not only audible, but actually at times as close to sounding as if he's actually in the same room as the listener as contemporary recording technology allows. As Bob's original editing options were pretty minimal, we've taken the liberty of adding a few tighther edits between the links and tracks and the occasional cross fade between voice and music as we imagine Bob would do were he making the shows today. But otherwise, no audio or spoken content has been altered and we will be maintaining this policy for all future re-masters. We trust the listener will agree with us that the show sounds as if it were recorded yesterday and yet retains the get-up-and-go, try-and-stop-me-you-A-holes spirit of Bob's original broadcast.

L.U.V. on ya,


(Morton Shadow, archivist and executive producer of the Robert Swipe Show re-release project)

Bob's original post:

That's right! Packed with over 40 minutes of fun, frolics and excessive background noise, the latest episode of our podcast is now available. It may take a devil of a long time to download, but watching that envelope flap has to beat Celebrity Love Island, hasn't it??

The Robert Swipe Show - bringing people together to argue over a laptop since 2004....

Track list:

Really that bad - The Pipettes

The lighter side of dating - The Monochrome Set

Life is short - Billy Nicholls

I'd much rather be with the girls - Donna Lynn

My arms stay open late - Tammy Wynette

Lost someone - James Brown

Everything about it is a love song - Paul Simon

The right stuff - Bryan Ferry

Baby that's me - Cake

Outro - The young ones - Vivian Stanshall


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