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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Billy said...
Are you channelling Kate Bush, Bob? Regardless, nice stuff.

20 June 2007 14:05
Rhonda said...
great post. great thoughts.
and I like your garden.

20 June 2007 20:23
Istvanski said...
Nice patio.

I really like the cat ornament.

21 June 2007 04:47
rockmother said...

21 June 2007 04:51
dh said...
Quite beautiful Robert. Does the cat ornament come in at night?

21 June 2007 07:23
Robert Swipe said... I've been dubbing Kate for *years* Billster..

How else do you think she gets those high notes??

L.U.V. on ya,


22 June 2007 08:11
Mollster said...
Was it you who made her eyes go all funny in 'Army Dreamers' then? Click Click

Always keep looking at the Big Sky. It's huge and full of opportunities. Always look up.

27 June 2007 11:38
Mr Pleebus said...
"I’m left looking up at the clouds, honest clouds, not yet dramatically Turnerized by the colluding sunset and pollution into that wonderful wash of yellows and pinks that I remember from childhood… huge floaters, dirty/pristine globs of falling/staying put water vapour, teased by the vagaries of gravity into majestic galleons of scuzz."

Poetry. Mr Bob, you really should write a book.

Love, Mr Pleebus

28 June 2007 11:24
rockmother said...
Oh poo - I dropped by to see if you had come back but you are still whirling in the ethercloud. Love on ya Bobster xx

3 July 2007 19:25
dh said...
Leave him alone rm...he deserves a break.

6 July 2007 07:22
Tim Footman said...
No he doesn't. He needs to come back and save the universe. We're dealing with a reformed Genesis here, and only the Swipe can stop it.

7 July 2007 07:47
Betty said...
What, Genesis have reformed? Is that with Buster on vocals or Peter Gabriel dressed as Little Weed? Either way, it's awful news.

Swipe is staying at a caravan park in Rhyl for the next six months.

8 July 2007 02:56
rockmother said...
I saw Genesis at Live Earth - not good. Phil Collins looked a bit hacked off as some wag hadn't turned his mic on for the first 30 secs of his opening entrance. Whoops.

9 July 2007 14:45
Istvanski said...
And to top it all, he had a *huge* bust up with that rather nice little Swiss bird of his. That's what inspired him to swear on stage.

L.U.V on ya,


9 July 2007 16:28

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