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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

That Was The Week That Was...

Morte archives from a happier time; when men were men and it took 212 female impersonators to change a lightbulb, but only one to change your mind...

rockmother said... She's got nice writing old Lucers hasn't she?

PS: Lovely to bump into you the other day despite the fact I made myself the most unpopular person in the supermarket by blocking all entrances to tills without pause for breath!

Romotissuerie of Motissueries (because it's that time of year). xx

10 November 2008 00:36
Istvanski said...
Bob! I take it you have purchased tickets for one of Magazine's gigs at The Forum for next February?

Word Verif; cyseg

What the fuck is a cyseg?!?

13 November 2008 12:08
rockmother said... Oh I haven't got the sniffles - just piffles - it's jsut that everyone else is sneezing and a-wheezing it seems. Yes - drink over next 2 weeks? Not at The Lion Rouge - it's gawn dahn 'ill - maybe somewhere in Twickers me old chum? xx

Word verif: ingsonsi - Welsh for something like "he's singing you see" (is iiiit?)

13 November 2008 16:11
Istvanski said... That must explain why you were no where to be seen at the recent Barry Gray gig at the RFH.

Word verif: repti
Just the "l" and the "e" missing from that one.

Betty said...
Only two visitors a week, eh? At least you don't get searches that say "I want Noosha Fox vomit" from Ohio (well, maybe you do).

Magazine are touring? That must be difficult, what with the dead guitarist and all.

Word verification - iwantnooshafoxvomit

15 November 2008 13:05
Robert Swipe said...
Ah, the delightful Mrs. Geoff!! to hear from you.

We have a running joke in our house about a neighbour of our's called Geoff who has a wife (Mrs. Geoff) who's always laying out cat biscuits for the felines of our street. We're toying with stealing her idea and marketing an assortment of kitty treats along the lines of Mrs. Geoff's wait until this recession simmers down, you won't be laughing then...

Yes, Magazine sans McGeoch: doesn't add up, does it? Who will be in his stead? Robin Simon? Ben 'Mendy' Mendelson? Adrian Belew? Cat Balou??

Must dash, I have a kitten to order...


P.S. just *WHO* is Noosha Fox?

P.P.S. and what's so special about vomit in Ohio??

P.P.P.S. wrod verficatoon: thelghtprsoutofmoi - you couldn't make it up, could you?

16 November 2008 03:50

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