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Thursday, 1 June 2006

Bruce and Edwards Wow West End with Bold New Cockney Knees Up/Welsh Language Spectacular!!!

Yowser Yowser Yowser Swipesters!!

Exciting news just in from our uber hot theatre critic Cherry Orchard - take it away Cherry!:

Thanks Bob,

Anyone who's been within an inch of London's Theatreland in the last few weeks will have heard the buzz that's spreading around the capital concerning a riotous new production currently taking the West End by Storm. The show stars the unlikely combination of BBC newsreaders Fiona "the" Bruce and "Doctor" Huw Edwards.

The duo have been wowing audiences every night for the past two weeks at the packed out Almeida Theatre with their innovative interpretations of songs popularized by the cockney knees-up specialists Chas and Dave. Edwards formidable piano vamping provides the perfect foil for Bruce's shrill and often incomprehensible Brechtian wailing on numbers such as Cwningen Cwingen Cwingen, Cwningen y Ambwlans am Ysbitl, Peint y Glewder Dyrectors os gwelwch yn dda (y un um Cwningen..) and Ceilliau at Tottingham Hotspurs(Click here for translations

A delighted Edwards spoke of his pride at being able to bring whole swathes of unintelligible (and frequently out of tune) Welsh language singing to a mainly English audience primed for a light evening of chirpy, knockabout Eastend parlour music. "Serves you right, you English bastards. You come over here, dispossess our grandparents so you can buy your second homes, steal all our coal and water...."

More Rarebit than Sainsburys is on at the Almeida Theatre until early September...

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