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Monday, 19 June 2006

Celebrity hell

Spotted this week by S. in Richmond:

Amanda Lamb (x 1)

Kim Catterell (x 1)

Spotted by A.H. in Richmond (coming out of HMV, gabbling on his mobile):

Andy Marr (x 1)

Spotted by S. and I on Sunday with what looked like her parents in tow going into what gave every impression of being a nice little afternoon BBQ/lunch on the lawn with close family and friends-type affair, just round the corner from our flat in Teddytown):

Claire Goose (x 1)

What is it with all these famous folk? Why can't they leave us alone?? It's bad enough that we have to endure them on our screens at all hours of the day, without them emerging from behind the cathode ray tube, strutting around as arrogantly there and present and in your face as any normal, obscure, pointless and unknown beyond their family and small circle of friends person, casually blurring the already tenuous boundary between fantasy and reality....I mean, what have we done to deserve this intrusion....this obscene goldfish bowl existence...this.......well, it's almost on a par with rape, isn't it? Aren't they satisfied with their weekly copy of Fuck off!! You Irrelevance magazine? Can't these people get a life of their own instead of following us around, obsessing over the daily trivialities of our dull and humdrum lives? Do they get some perverse kind of kick out of seeing us first thing in the morning, the remnants of the previous night's drool still caked around the corners of our mouths, as we lumber hungover, dehydrated and three quarters of an hour late for our demeaning and ultimately futile little jobs telling other dull and dismal little turds that they can't have this or that particular service because they haven't brought any identification with them and it's not that we're trying to be unhelpful or anything, it's just that we're bound by the data protection act, oblivious to the fact that we've come out of the house wearing our t-shirts inside out with one sock over our trouser leg and have forgotten to do up our flies??


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