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Friday, 23 June 2006

Regular readers - an apology...

Hi folks,

As people who regularly visit this site will know, over the last few weeks I've been trying to post on a more mature range of subjects - anything from literature through popular music, environmental issues (well, the state of my cock probably has implications for the local water basin, I'm told), as well as a highly personal view of all the major sporting tournaments - posts on all of these have been placed on view here in the last few weeks in stark conrast to the jizz-mag level smut and goobledegook we used to put up. In line with this new approach, I had rather been hoping that we might retain our existing readers as well as - I don't know how to put this without sounding snobby but here goes - frankly, a slightly better class of reader. And we seemed to be going in the right direction - reading figures were down, the comments section was teeming with intelligent and perceptive responses...and Rock Mother, of course...THINGS WERE LOOKING UP!

Sadly, fate has dealt us a bad hand here. Due to the malicious posting by persons unknown of a couple of our links on the Grauniad Ulnitimed's World Cup Blog page, we've been quite literally inundated with new readers - scumbags in the main, many of them posting in our unmediated comments section vicious rumour-mongering disguised as fact (well, apart from the bits about the rotten cock, obviously) and quite scurrilously accurate critiques of the standard of blogging on offer here. I can only apologise to my loyal, valued and (I now realise) incredibly undiscriminating readers. What had set out to be an exercise in taste, decorum and the higher orders of aesthetics has, again I'll be frank, descended into the dankest regions of the chav-invested cloaca. 30,000 visits, dammit! CAN'T THESE PEOPLE LEAVE US ALONE???????

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