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Thursday, 16 November 2006

An Adult-Oriented Rock Singer's Love Song...

After A Subaltern's Love Song.

Joan Armatrading,
Joan Armatrading,
In your velvet jacket
With military braiding.

Singing your mind-numbing
On your poncey, roundbacked
Ovation guitar.

Joan Armatrading,
Joan Armatrading,
Indifferent to the countries
We are invading.

While sectarian militias
In Basra riot,
You pointlessly sing about
Dropping the pilot.

Joan Armatrading,
Joan Armatrading,
In Baghdad and Kabul
The troops are parading.

While you wail your songs for
Middleclass simpletons
And cohabitate with
Valerie Singleton(s)

Joan Armatrading,
Joan Armatrading,
Geo-political conflict

You sing not a word of
Iraqi invasion -
You're not in love...

....but you're open to persuasion.

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  1. I often wonder what would have happned if Betjeman had been born say, around, 1965. Would have been interesting, to say the least.

  2. Ha ha ha, that's sticking it to the Tory-supporting old bag.
    She made a million bedsits a living hell.

  3. Expressing yourself through song I like it :-)

  4. What an interesting thought Billy. He would probably have formed a group. Philip Larkin on bass? Pete Doherty drums and occasional vocals?

  5. John Osborne on drums, methinks - a sort of addled Jett Black type figure.

    No sleep 'til Slough!!

  6. OK. How about Kingsley Amis on harmonica (and occasional vocals)?

  7. Fine by me Dster - if you can keep him off the turps.....

  8. Rock And Roll, Swipey!

    That Philip Larkin; he was from Hull you know! (university library)