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Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Comment of the Week (Slight Return)...


Oh and Happy 63rd Birthday to Stray Photon!!

Keep spraying them there rays, Stray!!

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  1. Why thank you Bob, you really are too kind.

    I should of course point out to your readers that the band pictured is not the original Defectors but a group of imposters. Mind you, they are all younger and better looking than me, aren't they...yes Swipesters, that's me on the right!

    Cheers Bob!


  2. Bob - That was a good remark you made, although my faveourite of yours was the one you left with our old "friend" Glenda (remember her?).
    There's an art to writing something and presenting it in such a way that the reader wonders wether the writer is sincere or taking the piss.

    Happy Birthday Mr Photon.

  3. Stray? 63? You must be joking?! Did the queen get the address right on your telegram old bean?
    Seriously tho', i didn't think he was 'born' as such, more like hatched from a musical egg found on Hull Municpal Wreck in the mid 50s... wasn't he?

  4. Happy Birthday to you Stray Photon hope you had a good un'.

    Commiserations (sp?) Bob hope your not to down cast today ;-)