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Friday, 3 November 2006

Bobcast #22...

...not for the fainthearted....

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  1. I've downloaded this for later mp3 conversion and I shall listen to this if we start fucking up at Loftus Road later on today.

    All the best, Bob.

  2. I did of course mean all the best to your good self, as opposed to signing myself off as "Bob"...

  3. Ah, so you're at Loftus Road Istanski? I'm nowhere near there today as I'm in the west country. I have downloaded the bobcast for my later bus journey.

  4. Just listening now. That follow on to the 'Leader of the Pack' song is fantastic! I think I just heard a little giggle in the middle of 'That'll Be the Day' too. Fab!

  5. Downloaded for later listening.
    Ta Mr Swipe

  6. Will promise to get my poxy PC sorted so that one of these days I get to listen to and bobcast.

  7. Well done!
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  8. Great work! |

  9. Cool man. Liked "It's Only Love" particularly. The new toy seems to be fit for purpose, as we say these days.

  10. downloaded it for journey to work tomorrow x

  11. Blimey, what happened? One minute I was listening to the first few songs and the next thing I remember I awoke in an A & E department in hospital. Faint-hearted stuff indeed.

    This is probably one of your best and bravest pods, Bob. I really enjoyed it. What contraption have you got hold of to record it with? Go easy with that reverb on the songs, your voice doesn't need it. I'm also glad to see someone else championing the use of minidisc recorders. They should have used the minidisc format in Sony's Playstation Portable instead of inventing another useless format such as UMD...anyway, I'm going off on a tangent here.

    Muchos kudos.

  12. I'll listen when I get time Bob......Jif

  13. Thank you very much Istster the Twister the Hasta La ( knowe the rest...)

    It was done on a Fostex MR-8 8-track digital. It's nice because there's a limit to how much you can fit on the flash card so mit sort of encourages you to be on the ball and to the point otherwise you just waste disc space by constantly redoing stuff. I'm trying to do a sort of Ram/Nebraska style project - no drums and as acoustic as possible so the MR-8 is quite good as it tends to curb one's latent prog/Mike Oldfield tendencies..

    Some of the songs on the podcast were done on 3 or 4 tracks, others I just did live in one take through the Fostex straight onto mini disc. I agree Istster, MDs are great, aren't they? All the Bobcasts have been done onto MD. They are so handy for editing and you really don't notice too much compression once they've been shrunk on Switchpod.

    Reall glad you liked it. I felt I had to freshen things up and find new ways to keep my audience in stitches...



    p.s. how did your boys get on at the weekend??

  14. "p.s. how did your boys get on at the weekend??"

    We lost 4 - 2 at Loftus Road.

    How did your boys get on at Upton Park?

  15. We lost on points, Istster.

    "You never knocked me down, Al..."

    I wasn't trying to wind you up Istster - I genuinely didn't see any results over the weekend. And you're cheaper (and quicker) than ceefax...

  16. Oh, by the way....what mic did you use to record the acoustic??

  17. Thanks Jifster,

    I didn't think the reverb would come out as heavy on the minidisc, but it did. It was the first time I'd messed around with it. Have been more discreet since!

    I used a Sennheisser vocal mic on my Blueridge all-solid wood BR-187 acoustic (same mic for the vocs...) It's a very nice, full sounding acoustic and it sounded really nice jsut with the inbuilt mike in the Fostex. I'm looking to get a cheapish ribbon mike for doing the voice - any suggestions? Also, a compressor, perhaps?

    Thank you all for you generous words...

  18. It all depends how serious you are, or how much you spend (cheapness is exactly that, cheap!) I have 4 compressors, and they vary in quality and price, ask Istvanski about his mini one?

    Ribbon mics I know absolute shit about!

  19. Bob - TL Audio do some nice desktop valve compressors at very reasonable prices with pre-sets for various instruments built in. They are worth a look, and they also do pre-amps for iPods!