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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Bobcast #34...

...bully for you.....chilly for me....

Gotta get a raincheck on...

Download it here....

L.U.V. on y'all,


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  1. Really great podcast Bob - oh dear I say that every week but I do mean it - really good and interesting mix of tracks this week. xx

  2. Yeah, probably my favourite podcast so far: Simon And Garfunkel, one of the few Prince songs I like, ahem, Johnny Wakelin and UB40 (tell people that UB40's first album is actually very good and you tend to get funny looks).

  3. Bob,

    someone in Venezuala found my blog by googing 'Robert Swipe gigs'.

    Get the Caracas City Hall booked now!

  4. ....that'll be "Mrs. Rochester", Spin.

    I refer you to previous anonymous comments referring (perjoratively, of course) to my "homosexuality"...

    She's not bitter or anything...

    Thanks for listening and enjoying Ro-Mo and Betty - it's always really nice to hear positive comments and I should acknowledge them more than I do. So, thank *you* dwarlings!!

    L.U.V. on ya,


  5. ooh - I better go and check my sitemeter for exotic locations!