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Monday, 23 April 2007

Polski Delikatesy...

I've posted three new tracks up here from what I hope to be another album worth of songs.

This time around, inspired very much by the last chapter of Tim's book (for which, many Thanks btw...) there will be a loose theme to the collection (the various effects of globalization), and Polski Delikatesy seems to have the right mix of mundane exoticism and daftness to be the title of such a hideously overblown conceit! (It also sounds like an old prog rock band name, which can only help...). So, that's the plan and I've sketched out quite a few lyrics and have (again) loose ideas for subjects to write on, which is often half the battle.

The three tracks are already quite varied. The most accessible is probably "England in the Rain". It's another very old song that's been resucitated and amended thanks to the inspiration cited above. The lyric takes the form of a letter from an expat Englander stationed in Bangkok pining for an ex- back in Blighty. I hope that the musical nod to a very familiar piece from the late 70s provides a suitably romantic backdrop to what, I hope, is a quite touching little piece. I was initially thinking of a sort of inversion of the old colonial 'white man's burden' thing - white guy forced by economics to scratch a living thousands of miles from home - but I hope, in the end, it transcends that rather reductive initial design and is just a song of separated and rued lost love.

"(Would You Love Me) If I was Real" is a Madcap discard. It seemed too long and bleak for that collection, but I'm hoping it may be more at home on these more exotically stacked shelves. It fits better here thematically, I hope, because of it's subject matter - the way that we become lonelier, more fragmented selves as technology supposedly brings us closer together.

Finally, "Polski Delikatesy" is just, well, weird shit...

Hope you like them.

L.U.V. on y'all,


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  1. Bob's been a busy boy.

    Polski Delikatesy - nice vocal effect on that one. I imagine you as some nutty professor doing sonic experiments in the attic, I mean, sound lab.

    Did you get yourself that ribbon mic that you was after?

  2. Sadly no, Isters. Still struggling on with the cheapo Sennheiser. Stray Photon's been blabbing, obviously. I told him to keep quiet about the loan of his white overall and clipboard. Mind you, I can't tell you how good it is to be greeted with cries from the workman over the road of "Morning Super"...

    (Insert your own "Morning Wonderful..." punchline here...)

    Glad you liked it. It's actually the late, great Pope John Paul II on backing voals. (Recoded before he snuffed it.....erm, I think....)

    L.U.V. on ya,


  3. "Recorded before he snuffed it"

    Really Bob? Ya don't say...

    One day you'll have to tell me how you figured that one out.

    A top quality ribbon mic costs loads. Try a condenser mic perhaps with a decent mic pre amp that will be able to emulate the ribbon mic's characteristics? Just an idea, after all - why struggle?

  4. Trying to keep up Robert. You're so prolific.

  5. Loving the latest podcast Bob - yay - Grand Central Station! I put it through the communal speakers at work and several people asked me what radio station I was listening to! Oooh - get you Mr Fancipants! Luv on ya kidder. Now I'm going to listen to the new tracks re: above. Polsky Delikatesky - we've got quite a few of those round my way - boom boom aye thank yauw! x

  6. Dickster - well, you know what they say about the devil and idle hands? I was intrigued to learn that you only need one hand to drive a train, btw....I'm not saying anything, but it would explain a lot, wouldn't it??

    Istster - are you suggesting that the recording quality of my latest opus is anything less than top hole, first among equals or flawlessly pukka? (;?)

    Ro-Mo - Whythangoo! I'm ever so flattered by the favourable comparisons with chaps like the hairy bake bean etc... I wouldn't play the songs communally though, if I were you....

    Shame about Spinny, eh?

    I reckon she's found true love and just couldn't face telling us. What's that darling? Oh, yes, she's probably been sent to Yemen with work or something. There, that should send them off the scent. Right, turn over while I get the marigolds on...

    L.U.V. on ya,


  7. Bob - terrible shame about Spinny yes. I hope she comes back.

    Don't worry about work - there is only four of us swearing away and generally lazing around - it's not like I'm blasting it out on a factory floor or anything. x

  8. Ha-ha! Bob, if you were still recording stuff using a wax cylinder I'd still listen to it. I loved your rendition of "Mary had a little lamb" that you did all those years ago.

    I seem to recall some time ago that you were thinking of getting a mic, that's all. If you're happy with the Senn then good on ya.