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Friday, 12 November 2010

Bobcast #4 (remastered)

Download/listen to Bobcast #4 (remastered) here...

Long thought lost, we here at Swipe Towers are over the moon to be able to bring you another slice of podcast history with a beautifully restored and remastered presentation of Bob's fourth show, the third in our series of reissues.

Due to problems uploading his casts with his initial hosting service, SwitchPod, Bob reluctantly removed the first eight shows from that platform, believing he had safety copies of the early shows. Whilst there were adequate tapes of the first three, fifth and seventh shows, we could find none for shows four, six or eight. Miraculously, the first 12 shows, including those we had thought long deleted, had somehow been preserved in the podcast directory of Bob's iTunes player. Working with these Apple encoded files, we've been able to substantially improve the quality of the broadcast, boosting the levels of Bob's links and, as with previous shows, just tightening up the edits between the host and the music as Bob would have done himself had he had the technology to do so at the time he made the programmes.

We hope you'll enjoy Bobcast #6 as much as did rediscovering the radio magic contained within all these early shows.

Morton Shadow (Senior Archivist and Chief Executive Producer of the Robert Swipe Show restoration and remastering project).

Track listing:

Saved - Laverne Baker

Manifesto (remake) - Roxy Music

I'm blue (the gong song) - The Ikettes

There's no room to rhumba in a sports car - Vivian Stanshall & Big Boys

Just one look - Doris Troy

Giddy strtospheres - The Long Blondes

Hey little girl - Professor Longhair

I found a love - The Falcons

It's hard to be a saint in the city - David Bowie

(Bob doesn't appear to have written a post to accompany this 'cast, but we believe the audio was put up on 1st August 2006. We're pretty sure it's the last show to have been broadcast before Bob moved house on 3rd August.)


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