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Friday, 26 November 2010

Bobcast #6 (remastered)...

Listen to/download Bobcast #6 here...

The first Bobcast to be recorded at Swipe Towers Mk II. And Bob sings for the first time. What more do you want - *blood*?????

(Morton Shadow, Senior Executor of the Robert Swipe Estate and co-founder of the Bob against Herpes Syposium.)

Track listing:

Magic garden - Dusty Springfield

Razzle in my pocket - Ian Dury

Blam blam fever - The Valentines

Philadelphia - Magazine

Lipstick - Buzzcocks

To turn you on - Roxy Music

The one you can't have (is the one that you want the most) - the Honeys

Tiny girls - Iggy Pop

Are you having any fun? - Vivian Stanshall

Out in the Streets - Robert Swipe

Bobcast #6 was originally broadcast on 7th August 2006. Here's Bob's original post: up now...(if you know what's good for you, don't listen through to the bitter end...)

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  1. I was frankly shocked to hear the great soul brother Morton Shadow affecting the weedy voice of a rather effete and slightly posh librarian. Is this really Swipe Towers 11? The previous 10 must have needed redecorating but it could assist in using the tagline "frequently moving" in your iTunes review.
    Keep up the good work and the Viv Stanshall - herpes needs you like you need herpes!

  2. "herpes needs you like you need herpes"...

    Well Rog, at least someone does.

    (Thinks: Herpes - isn't he the little fella with the wings on his feet? Lovely little mover. And *fabulous* scarves, if I recall...)