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Friday, 19 November 2010

Bobcast #5 (remastered)...

Listen to/download Bobcast #5 (remastered) here...

Bob appears to have posted Bobcast #5 either just before or just after relocating to the new Swipe Towers in early August 2006. There's no dedicated post on the blog and there seems to have been a most un-Bob-like lull in activity (regular listeners usually can't escape the fact that a new Bobcast has been uploaded...) between the end of July and Bobcast #6, which gets a proper send off into the cold, hard world of cyberspace on 7th August 2006. The tonal quality of the links suggests that it was recorded before rather than after the move, but we can't be completely sure so haven't set a date in stone.

We've tried to tidy the show up as much as possible, but there's little we could do about the distortion of Bob's incredibly lo-fi microphone. The move to the new headquarters seems to have allowed Bob more time to dedicate to the shows which improve noticable in terms of presentation and content from here on, so this is somewhat of a transitional show. Once again, we've been as sparing as we can with the alterations and edits, only changing what we feel Bob would have had he been able to utilise the same studio trickery we're able to now. The show, it goes without saying, has been approved by Bob before we have had the privilege of unleashing it to the hungrily awaiting world...

Morton Shadow, Executive Producer and Director of the Robert Swipe Show Restoration and Remastering Project.

Track list:

Please please me - Link Wray

Boys keep swinging - The Associates

Mama didn't lie - Jan Bradley

Follow the leaders (dub) - Killing Joke

Qu'ran - David Byrne and Brian Eno

Near wild heaven - R.E.M.

Chance Meeting - Roxy Music

I've just been feeling bad - Eddie Floyd

The kids are alright - The Who

(There was no alert posted on Blogger for this podcast, so our best guess is that it was posted on either 31st July, 1st or 2nd of August, or between 4th and 6th August 2006. All switch)



  1. Ah, Bob, you brighten my day with your warblings.

  2. Ah, thank you MdF! You're so kind.

    (...I assume you're talking about the podcasts and that you haven't actually heard me wouldn't be quite so impressed if you had, I fear...)