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Monday, 4 December 2006

Christmas #1/Bob's Festive 50...

As PC-gone-made-lunatics at BA attempt to stifle the Christian faith, we here at Swipe Towers enter the season of goodwill to all men (and a couple of tasty birds too) with all barrels loaded. How very dare they rob us of our cribs, gently braised wild fowl and copious amounts of cheap cash and carry absinthe as we charge our glasses in memory of the birthday of the saviour of mankind. Don't these people know the true meaning of Christmas? I mean, when else were we going to watch those endless re-runs of the 1977 Morecambe & Wise Christmas Special? Easter??

But these killjoys will not have it all their own way. And to prove it, The Swipe Show will be beginning our Christmas festivities even earlier than usual. To this end, we'll be launching our traditional Christmas #1 campaign today. Just go here and have a listen to 'Christmas Dinner' by Fuzzy Brown - our tip for the yuletide top spot this year. It's a real belter and its message of religious tolerance (well, apart from the Jews, obviously), the brotherhood of man allied to some splendidly histrionic axe-battering have made it a real firm favourite in our office. Please do all you can to put this record* where it belongs - top of the hit pararde by a bloody mile!

As if that were not enough, voting starts today in our traditional** Festive Fifty*** Chart. That's right, in time honoured John Peel fashion, all you have to do is vote for your three favourite songs that have featured on this year's Bobcasts and we'll then rundown our listeners favourites in a special one off Christmas Day Bobcast! So get sending in those votes, pop-pickers!!

And is if all *that* wasn't enough, here's another chance to read last year's fabulous Swipe Show re-working of It's a Wonderful Life...

God bless us all, everyone!!!!!

*I'm sure it will be released one day....

**We're hoping one day it will become so...

***Only we'll be doing a top ten, not fifty. Do you have any idea how large a file to download that would be??

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  1. I'll vote for 'Citadel' by the Stones.

  2. 1. The slightly frightening bout of hysterical laughter induced by quoting the old standby "I'm speechless! You conniving, randy, bogus, oriental old queen! Your record sleeves are better than your songs!"

    2 - 8 inclusive. Some of the 1297 Roxy Music tracks you played, in no particular order, at random.

    9. "Pardon me - burp - having a bit of a problem getting the 'Buie Breezer to go down"

    10. Some pub rock obscurity that I've not heard for donkey's years (probably Ian Gomm or The Fabulous Poodles or summat).

  3. ...well, that's narrered it dahn a bit, Bett....

    Nice one Istster. Worrah riff, eh?

    It'll be a short show by the looks of it...

    Thank Christ.

  4. Swipey

    Undertones, You've Got My Number, played 3 times please.


    Spare Futon.

  5. or failing that, Suburban Rhonda by Magazine, and didn't you play a track by some obscure Twickenham band once? District Line by The Hondas or sumfink, weren't it?

  6. Having never listened to any of the podcasts (not cos I don't want to Bob, you know it's because I don't have the equipment), I would take a wild guess at what you might have played and gone for something by Roxy Music?

    Also - can it really be a whole year since the Swipe version of It's a Wonderful Life?

  7. "'s because I don't have the equipment..."

    We have so much in common, Spin. Are you sure you don't want to give it a go??

  8. "Undertones, You've Got My Number"

    Of course, Stray. Now, where did I put that copy of the single??

  9. Yes - just more laughing like you did when you were describing me with my tights around my ankles clutching a 'Buie Breezer for dear life and leaning against the belt rail in the British Heart Foundation Shop Twickenham the other week. And the Pipettes too, and some Stones. x

  10. Sorry Bob I'm afraid it's cock related...Vivian Stanshall "How the Zebra got it's spots" ta muchly...jif