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Tuesday, 5 December 2006

I'm Speechless....

Email from Todd Blogney:

PS r*f*s met bowie last week and he said 'he sooo thinks he's Robert Swipe!!'

My reply:

…he *was* me for a year, wasn’t he?

Todd continued:

No seriously.. r*f*s says he's exactly like you..

My reply:


I'm sure you can all fill in the punchline....

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  1. Personally speaking, I can see where the 'Swipe identity confusion' comes from. I mean, who hasn't had a rotten cock at least once in there lives?

  2. Fuck me backwards with a barge pole vicar! I'm speechless too... x

  3. Has the old (slightly, um, unstable) Bob come back for a Christmas visit?

  4. Unstable? I have no idea what you could possibly be referring to Spin.

    Schnell, schnell Liechtenstein pantyhose rubber convulksion shoehorn remonstrating fleapit algebra Gaddafi nostril flare Bootsy Collins gender blunt...

  5. Schnell, schnell etc..
    Blimey, sounds like a Bowie lyric...
    maybe there's some truth in this...

  6. Bob: Your Tarty Sister wants to be "My Friend" do I entertain her advances or would you advise I kept well clear. Look I'm sorry if her reputation is rubbing off on you, but I just needed to ask.

  7. I'd give her a wide berth, if I was you MIKESTER. She's highly infectious at moment, but do you think that's slowed her down any? I don't think her knees have touched together since Live8....

  8. Oi Daaaavid, I mean Bob - I've done another poohcast if you are interested - power-lunges all round etc - get that calliper working. Now where's that 'Buie Breezer I put in me tights for later?

  9. In what way are you like David Bowie Mr Swipe? Have you had your teeth done too?

  10. Bobbers - I have a confession to make. I am going to Chelsea FC tomorrow. Do you want me to do any bad things whilst I am there? Let me know and I'll try my best.

  11. Molly; Just don't go. You'll only encourage them.

  12. "In what way are you like David Bowie Mr Swipe? Have you had your teeth done too?"

    I was think more along the lines of the angio-plasty, docster.

    "keep going you fool..."

    No, Mollster. Just cheer the Arsenal on, especially if you're in the Shed end...