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Friday, 1 December 2006

Tag Heuer...

This is one of those tag things. I have to tell you 5 things about myself and then tag three other people.*

1. I have a rotten cock.

2. I don't live in Slough.

3. I support Arsenal F.C.

4. On Wednesday night I saw them lose for the first time in 40 years to Fulham F.C.

5. I am *well* ragged off about it.

I nominate Brian Damage, Stewart Lee and Roger de Courcey and Nookie Bare (South West Devon's premier pornographic puppet act!!)

*The Rock Mother made me do it.

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  1. As long as part of your cock hasn't 'sloughed' off as a result of the footie trauma you'll survive.

  2. And Arabella made me do it and I think I cocked it up so I'm going to have to do it again.

  3. Ah, but you know why Arsenal are struggling? David Pleat explains all. That's right, David "what can I get for a tenner, love?" Pleat.

  4. Bob - was hovering in the British Heart Foundation today - thought of you as I leafed through the abundance of roger Whittaker albums. xx

  5. about time bob, but I think you could do a lot better than that? more sordid secrets please, be it sex or debauchery I don't mind as long as it's seedy c'mon (it's good to be outrageous every now and then so I will be) lets have more details of how your cock became rotten?

  6. Looks like Jif's been quaffing that vintage port again!

  7. quaffing being the operative word...

  8. #1 - You can get these things sorted out these days Bob, you know...

  9. You've always got a spare if it drops off Bob. No worries.

  10. I bet you soon forgot about the defeat at the hands of the cottagers after last Saturday's result...

  11. Molly - 'you've always got a spare if it drops off'



    Am I missing something here?

  12. ....I think Mollster means that I have a face like a knob, Spin....