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Friday, 11 May 2007

Oooh! A New Look For My Favourite Page...

Fab, isn't it?? I shall have to spend even more time there than I do already....

L.U.V. on y'all,


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  1. I thought you were referring to your Munterspace page!

    Huh - I should've known better, shouldn't I? How the hell are you, anyways?

  2. Spookily enough, listed on my own stats a couple of days ago ... "Bob Swipe's mom's surname" from someone in Venezuela. Why??

  3. ....sorry - you'll have to excuse me being in a daze - I just got an email from Carlos Alomar.....

    I'm good thanks Istster - I hear you've opted for the Stooges/Motorhead combo ahead of an evening with John Barry...Oh well...

    Betty. Well, you know, if it's who I'm thinking of that would be about right. Bob Swipe's Mom's surname - yep, that's a head scratcher, ain't it.....She shared your Christian name, as it goes. Only being from Norn Iron, most of my relatives pronounced it Bed-dah

    Have a great weekend folks,

    L.U.V. on ya,


    [walks off muttering...Carlos Alomar...*Carlos* *Alomar*....]

  4. I haven't checked my sitemeter for ages ever since someone searched for lycra cameltoe kaplinsky. I wanted to go to the John Barry and the Dammers gig and the Don Letts in conversation with Jarvis but then I realised I might as well go and live in a tent in cardboard city as (a) I would be skint from buying all those tickets and (b) it would be easier as I would spend each evening for at least a week in the RFH! Luv on ya big boooooyyyy! x