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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Two Faces of Iran...

Whatever your politics, it's hard not to sympathise and respect the bravery of Iran's Mayday protesters. I know Murdoch-owned myspace isn't exactly the Grauniad, but even on there you get a sense that it's a pretty unpopular regime. Coming from the other end of the political spectrum, Maryam Namazie is no less critical than the young men and women who bemoan the loss of their old, and great (as one young lady put it) country. Perhaps we won't all share Maryam's belief that Iran could light the blue touch paper of a global socialist revolt, but it's encouraging to know that the machinations of that particular regime against one's fellow trade unionists is at least being monitored. Whatever else you may disagree with her on, I think there's common ground for us all in the idea that people should be free to organise and protest peacably at least once a year.

But resistance can take many forms and you sense that there's a very refreshing attitude brewing in some of the young people of the Islamic Republic. I mentioned to another myspacer that I'd read about the restrictions imposed on non-authorised mucic and musicians and her response reminded me a little of the old punk ethos. "It doesn't matter", she said when I'd asked if it made it hard to hear certain music, "we listen to it anyway"...

And then there's Laleh Siddigh What (apart from *phwoar* amd *wow*, obviously) can I say about Laleh? what can you say about Unfortunately, she's either been nobbled by the regime or Iranian cyberspace is even worse than ours!

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  1. Are you saying that "Madcap in the Attic" is available on the Iranian black market?