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Monday, 24 April 2006

P.D.Q. Bach - A tribute.

Yo Swipesters,

Regular readers will be aware of our nororiously high standards here. We rarely give a presigious Swipe Show pat on the back to just any old one. To get a name check on this show, you have to be pretty much at the top of your game and producing blog-based humour that is not only original and envelope busting, but relevent, sexy and bag fulla laughs (...obviously we've made an exception with Brian Damage here. Come on, could you turn down a year's worth of Pretty Polly vouchers for every plug you gave him? We can't afford to turn down free hosiery here, even if you lot can! Brian, you can leave the vouchers under the third bush on the left as usual, there'a good fella....) So you'll know that when we direct you to this man's site, you can expect nothing but the highest quality web wonderfullness. So please have a look at Peter Schickele's site - in particular his very amusing P.D.Q. Bach piece....

Do have a look - well, it made all of us here laugh!

Love on y'all,


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