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Sunday, 30 July 2006

Bob' s Schoolboy Cricket...

Sandwiched in between Big Cat Diary (wasn't the little lion cub mewling along with the roaring pride a hoot?) and the evergreen Carry on Cleo ("Friends, Romans, [someone else reminds him - "countrymen"] I know, I know....") was an episode of everyone's favourite 70s sitcom about a Surbiton couple who try to become self-sufficient, The Good Life. It was the one where the Goods get fleas (which it turns out didn't originate from their livestock, but from the leader of the local Conservative Association's pooch. See, bloody Tories...) There's a great bit at the beginning where (making their own entertainment, like) Barbara is reading whilst Tom is playing some public school game that he refers to as Schoolboy Cricket. Not having been to Public School, this was rather a new one on me (it also probably explains why I'm not a member of the cabinet and haven't worked for the BBC/Grauniad. It's OK - I'm not bitter...) Anyroad, it was great fun listening to Tom's imaginary scorecard being read out: "Churchill, caught Gandhi, bowled Roosevelt for 22...etc.) so I thought, why not have a go myself? Then, if it works we could all have a go and pass them round furtively among ourselves at the back of the formroom while the beak is wittering on about Latin declensions and the fall of Khartoum. Wizard wheeze, eh chaps??

So here goes.

All-Round Entertainers XI v Impressionist Artists XI

All-Round Entertainers XI

Forsyth, B lbw b Morisot, B 16
Black, C c Monet, C b Bazille, F 32
Tarbuck, J c & b Morisot, B 4
Davis Jr., S run out 5
Barrymore, M (retd. hurt) 112
Grayson, L b Morisot, B 85
Conley, B c & b Morisot, B 0
Pasquale, J not out 35
Trinder, T b Caillebotte, G 2
Castle, R c Monet, C b Caillebotte, G 0
O'Connor, D b Caillebotte, G 0

TOTAL (all out, 106 overs) 292

Impressionist Artists XI

Sisley, A b Trinder, T 167
Pissaro, C c Paquale, J b Trinder, T 52
Manet, E not out 39
Renoir, P-A not out 44
Monet, C
Degas, E
Cassat, M
Caillebotte, G
Bazille, F
Morisot, B
Guillaumin, A

TOTAL (for two wkts, 87.4 overs) 293

Well played lads!

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