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Monday, 31 July 2006

Bob's Schoolboy Cricket #1,267...

For the Timster:

C86 XI v Legends of Soul XI

C86 XI

Gillespie, B lbw b King, B. E. 16
Gedge, D c Mayfield, C b Sledge, P 32
Marsh, P c & b Sledge, P 4
Blackwell, N run out 5
Burtonwood, T b James, E 112
Simpson, B b James, E 85
Perks, V c & b James, E 0
Dickson, S not out 35
Duffy, M b Bell, W 2
Newton, D c Pickett, C b Sledge, P 0
Harkin, H b King, B. E. 0
Pastel, S. (12th man - for The Billster...)

TOTAL (all out, 106 overs) 292

Legends of Soul XI

Brown, J b Dickson, S 167
Pickett, W c Burtonwood, T b Harkin, H 52
Charles, R not out 39
Redding, O not out 44
Cooke, S
Mayfield, C
Franklin, A
James, E
Bell, W
Sledge, P
King, B. E.

TOTAL (for two wkts, 87.4 overs) 293

Well played everyone!

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