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Friday, 28 July 2006

Debbie McGee Models...

Noticed this in the ever-reliable Independent Gossip column, about the only section of the paper not currently concerned with events in the Middle East (although, admittedly, I only skimmed this part, so it may well have been mentioned in the boring bits I didn't read about Gordon Brown's voting patterns on Gay Rights issues..)

They (Debbie McGee Models) are based in Bristol, apparently (a short walk that should save your ankles in those heels, Spinny...) and, yes, it is THE Debbie Mcgee who, as the blurb on her website is at pains to point out "is the wife of Internationally Renown Magician, Paul Daniels". I've just had a quick look at the section they've for some reason best known to themselves decided to call "The Women" and, if I can be frank here, I can't say I'm likely to be hiring any of them in the forseeable future (although, I suppose you can't always count on escort agencies to ensure that their staff realise the legally binding nature of the contractual stipulation that they wear oven gloves and a clingfilm twin set, so who knows - perhaps if Eunice J is willing to indulge a broken, callipered man with a rotting sexual organ....?)

For those of you who, like me, aren't fortunate enough currently to reside in the Bristol area, Debbie has some heartening words:

Debbie McGee Models are seeking new faces of all ages for work/opportunities in Modelling, Catwalk, Fashion, The Stage, Film, Television, Dance and many types of promotional work. We will be travelling around the UK to various locations seeking new faces, talents, abilities and characters.

Can't wait! Maybe I should give Roberta a call??

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