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Friday, 21 July 2006

Bob's Ultimate Pop Trivia Quiz...

After noting the obscene number of comments (76 and counting!!) generated by Molly's excellent Pop Quiz post, I thought - why not dredge what hasn't been obliterated of the old Swipe Memory Stick and post up a few teasers meself, like? It should keep you all out of my hair for a while and I could certainly do with the traffic. So here goes. An iPod with one song on it ('Slo Fuzz', by Sol Sheppy - it's growing on me, btw) to the winner. I'll try to post up the answers as and when they come in in order to save your grey matter from any unecessary exertions in the heat.

1. How did Bobby Darin get his name?

2. Who said "I hope he kicks himself to death" of whom? To whom? John Lennon about Dick Rowe....not sure to whom. Brian

3. First they were The Artistics, then the Autistics. How are they better known today? Talking Heads Brian

4. Ian Dury, Vivian Stanshall, Peter Blake - what links them? They all went to Walthamstow Art College. Betty

5. Who decided the running order of U2's LP The Joshua Tree? What was the methodology behind this sequencing?

6. If you can hear this, you know it's Andy White on drums. What is it? And who's playing it. On which famous debut single? Tambourine played by Ringo Starr on Love Me Do. Brian

7. "He doesn't so much burn the candle at both ends as apply a blow torch to the middle." Who is the Midnight Rambler in question?

8. Who is the link between Hitsville UK and Meatloaf?

9. "By Land, by Sea". Opening salvo of which classic 1980s LP?

10. Run out grooves:

a) "Talent borrows, genius steals"?

b) "Nonsense is better sense at all..."

c) "Elvis is King on This Side Too"

11. Working titles:

a) Emotional Fascism 'Armed Forces' Elvis Costello. Dickley

b) New Music, Night & Day

c) More Fast Numbers

d) A Doll's House
The Beatles [white album] Brian

What did they go on to be?

12. "This man is at the door of Hell...somehow it seems to be his destination after a life of subtle stubbornness. He doesn't expect to find himself waking up out of a dream...he doesn't expect to pinch himself and wake up and that kind of fact, the thought of that happening makes him smile. He's just mildly surprised to find himself there at the door of Hell."

From which classy spoken-word b-side?

13. He was the first to play the very first Elvis Presley single. DJ and the name of the show, please....

14. Instrumental break:

a) What was the wordless b-side of Virginia Plain?

b) Money Changes Everything became a hit single as...? By?

c) Booker T. & the MGs recorded instrumental covers of the whole of the Beatles' Abbey Road LP? What did the Stax outfit call the resultant LP?

15. Bobby Fuller Four cut the original version of "I fought the law" in the 1960s. Bobby Fuller was found dead, bound up and doused in kerosene in the back of his car. What was the coroner's verdict? Bobby Fuller was a suicide wasn't he? [The coronor evidently thought so - novel way to top yourself, mind - dousing yourself in petrol, tying yourself up and then leaping in the boot of a car parked in your garage...] {minion}

16. He played guitar on the original version of Johnny Kidd & the Pirates' "Shakin' all over', amongst others...
It wasn't Mick Green. It was session man Joe Moretti (sp?) who's played with just about every bugger under the sun. Richard [Excellent spot - would have fooled a lesser scolar of British beat music than your good self, R.]

17. Key lines:

"If I ever catch that ventriloquist/I'll smash his face right into my fist" Friction by Television. Betty

"I'm sorry I done it, it was wicked and's the book's the cash"

"Add the will to the strength and it equals conviction. As we economise, efficiency is multiplied." The Good Thing, by Talking Heads (from More Songs About Buildings & Food) Brian

"I got a call from my broker. My broker told me I'm broke..."

Artists and songs please.

18. "I was Anthony Newley for a year." Who dat? David Bowie Betty

19. He appeared in A Hard Day's Night and played congas on All Things Must Pass. Apart from that, he's toilet. Just who is this balding prog rock legend? Phil Collins Brian

20. We owe them an eternal debt. They knocked 'Mull of Kintyre' off the number one spot. Who were they, and what was the glorious song?

21. "In the beginning there was one, mmm hmm - himself had just begun, Then came number two, ooh hoo - and that was me and you...." Which much-loathed 70s tunesmith is introducing his third album here?

22. Which two groups appeared on the first 2-Tone single release 1n 1979? Special AKA and The Selecter Betty

23. "...AAAAAYYYYYYAAAAANNNNDEEEEMMMMMM..." We all know and love screeching along to the record label namecheck at the end of the Pistols' EMI. What do the A & M stand for though? Herb Alpert & Jerry (?) Moss? Brian

24. Before she became a national television disgrace, Cilla Black made some more than half-decent records, the best of which by far is her sublime rendition of a song called "I've been wrong before". It's Morrissey's favourite from this particular writer's extensive catalogue. Who is that songsmith?

25. What was unusual about the British Electronic Foundation's early 80s release, Music of Quality & Distinction?

26. "Bon chance, vielen gluck, good luck..." Artist and song please...

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