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Monday, 30 October 2006

By Popular Demand! The Return of the Ever-Popular Pin the Marrow on the Sophie Ellis Bextor Game!!!...

Regular readers will recall with fondness the hours of harmless fun this whimsical parlour game has provided them over the years. So, by popular demand, here's a welcome return of everyone's favourite vegetable/rhomboid-faced singer and daughter of the sauciest ever Blue Peter presenter match-up game:

Playing Pin the Marrow on the Sophie Ellis-Bextor couldn't be simpler: just insert one of the marrows into Sophie to comic effect and see if your effort agrees with that of our celebrity panel - Derek Underwood, Norman St. John Stevas, Bishop Desmond Tutu and Clannad. A fortnight's luxury accomodation in Jordan's Smeg oven to our 119 lucky winners...

As usual we'll be posting up the most hilarious entries over the next few days....

Good luck - and mind those seeds!!

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  1. Ok I am now imagining where Icould put said marrow for optimum effect. Will get back to you with answer

  2. This looks like fun. Now where did I put that old Brylcream?

  3. Stic the marrow in her, quite frankly, enormous gob. No lubricant required.

  4. Bob! This game is crap! I tried to 'drag & drop' the marrow onto the picture of Bextor and it doesn't work. Bloody fraudster!

  5. "onto"

    There's your problem, Istster....

  6. Christ, my marrow just disappeared! She must have a bucket.

  7. That's the problem, Howesy. Your marrow wasn't equipped with GPRS.

  8. It's okay, I've sent up a butternut squash to cut it off at the pass...