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Tuesday, 24 October 2006

An Even More Boring Post Than Yesterday's...

That's right folks - the only enthusiasm I can work up for this now is to see *just* how mindlessly boring and futile I can make the posts. Well, I've tried the funny* stuff. I've tried the serious stuff, had a go at the intellectual stuff, even tried to tug the old heart strings in a cynical and manipulative attempt to prove that beneath the shallow, mercenary exterior there might beat a warm and sensitive heart**....In fact, I've tried every-fucking-thing to get a short, weekly satirical columnn on the Grauniad so I can give up working and spend hours at a time in the Groucho club getting off my box with fellow "serious journalists and commentators" (and Jane Moore***). But all to no avail. So why not do the obvious and put up stuff that's so dull you can't even bring yourself to look at the headline without feeling the urge to vom? Well, it worked for Lucy Mangan...

So here goes. This is as far as I've got with today's Grauniad crossword (quick; no. 11,378):

1 across: Barnaby Rudge

10 across: Radiant

12 across: On the air

18 across: Alsatian

20 across: Oven

23 across: Raven

24 across: Magnetic pole

3 down: Nark

6 down: Drama

7 down: Entertaining

13 down: Sentence

16 down: Revival

21 down: Grip

Not anywhere as dull as Lucy's usual efforts, but come on - I've only just started. She's been at it for months.

I will, of course, post up any other clues as soon as I get them. So that'll give you all something to look forward to. Or not.


The Letters Game: make the longest word you can from the nine letters shown - R,T,Y,D,W,M,N,P,Z...

* for want of a better word...

** There doesn't, btw...

***It should shame me, I know, but....*would*

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  1. Whenever I see Lucy Mangan's picture accompanying an article of hers I always think "well at least she could have bothered to wash her hair if she was having her photo taken for a national publication". Obviously I am turning into my mother.

    Hmm, the NME crossword always used to contain the clue "band whose 1975 song How Long? was a one hit wonder" (the answer: Ace). It was in there virtually every bloody week for years, that one.

  2. Thanks Bettster:

    "17 down: card - a really good one (3)...." .....A something E.....


  3. I always think they've mispelt her name, Bettster - surely that should be an 'I' not and 'A'....

    But you're right - the slattern could at least rinse a bit of jojoba through her straggly locks...

  4. Seems to me that the only way to get a column these days is to get cancer. They may be boring but at least there's a quick turnover.

  5. I have a boring comment.

    That was it.

  6. Anybody else want to visit the 'pisszoo' you have to go there if you are really drunk.

  7. The longest word you can make with


    I thought that word might cheer you Bob. Would you like to visit this place? I've got five free tickets. I won them in the 'I can't wade through Molly's incomprehensible twaddle without losing the will to live*' competition.

    *I comment I received last week. Chin could be me!

  8. Sorry..I did tomorrow's quiz today didn't I? It must have been that
    Rittydiweeminnipooz I met today at the pisszoo that made me do it.

    Please someone turn off my computer before something bad happens.