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Monday, 2 October 2006

More Bob's One Word Book Reviews...

....Come on!! Admit it - it's a great idea!!!!

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera: Lifechanging

Underworld by Don DeLillo: Long

The Long Firm by Jake Arnott: Bespokearsebanditgangster

Trainspotting by Irvine Welch: Pishflaps

Beloved by Toni Morrison: Phantasmagoric

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte: Clammy

Portnoy's Complaint by Phillip Roth: Memberable

The Tales of the Brothers Grimm: Grim

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn: Grimmer


realdoc has chimed in with these:

The Da vinci Code - Bollocks

Pride and Predjudice - *Would* [I added the *s, btw - it's what she would've wanted...]

A Brief History of Time - Eh

Excellent stuff Realster!!

.....and a couple more from me:

Lolita by Vladimir Nabakov: Jamesmasonlysmarmingkiddyfiddler

Time's Arrow by Martin Amis: flahybrevelcooT

The World According to Garp by John Irving: Inpenetrablefellatiomishap

Come on - let's be 'avin you. More please, Swipesters - you know it makes sense....

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  1. Cancer Ward - painful
    Jane Eyre - perfect
    Women Are From Venus Men Are From Mars - uttershit
    The one about food written by William Leith - unbearabletosh
    Anything by Alice Munro - compulsory

  2. LP Hartley - The Go-Between - Middling

    Erskine Childers - The Riddle of the Sands (unfinished) - Perplexing

    John O'Farrel - Things Can Only Get Better - Wrong

    PS Bob, justleavingoutthespaceischeating!

  3. Lady Chatterley's Lover - D. H. Lawrence: whatacarryonmissus

    To The Lighthouse - Virginia Woolf: unreadable

    Middlemarch - George Eliot: panoramic

    Backstage Passes - Angela Bowie and some ghost writer: sheputitaboutabit

    Stories And Poems Of Edgar Allen Poe: goth

  4. Quicksilver et al, Neal Stephenson - Doorstops

    The Rotters Club, Jonathan Coe - Brum

    Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, David Foster Wallace - Footnotes

    American Pastoral, Philip Roth - Angry

    Messiah, Boris Starling - Bloody

  5. Ulysses - Odyssey

    Finnegans Wake - lotsofnewwordsandthingummyjigs

    A Clockwork Orange - droogy!

    Up the Junction - howsyerfather?

    A la Recherche du temps perdu = divine

    Wuthering Heights - Oy Cathy! Lerrusina'yourwindow!

  6. 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' Lionel Shriver - Archery.

    'Experience' Martin Amis - Dentistry.

    ''A Long Way Down' Nick Hornby - Gravity.

    'The Fermata' Nicholson Baker - Invisibility.

  7. The Remains of the Day: buttoned
    White Teeth: Benetton
    American Psycho: drycleaning
    Heart of Darkness: noit'snotsetinVietnamactually
    The Quiet American: thisoneisthough
    The Satanic Verses: senseofhumourfailureperhaps
    the later works of Haruki Murakami: handjobs

  8. Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby Jr.: Unhygienic

    About a Boy by Nick Hornby: Batch.

    Great Expectations by Charles Dickens: Spinny

    Funeral Rites by Jean Genet: Poovery

    War & Peace by Tolstoy: Russia

  9. Bob, Lionel Shriver was on Newsnight last night - very exciting.

    The Fermata doesn't have any invisibility in it if I recall correctly.

  10. JD Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye: phoney.

    Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer: cunt.

  11. Was she gloved or nude Billster?

  12. Billy. You are correct. There is no invisiblity in The Fermata per se. It's there as a subliminal desire. I may be the only one that saw it.

  13. "I may be the only one that saw it"

    Let's get this straight Dickster - not only did you *see* invisibility - but it was subliminable, *good* eyesight, or what??


    Or abstinence??

  14. OK I will explain. I read 'The Fermata' on several levels. Pure filth of course...good for a wank. A Proustian attempt to intellectualize pornography. And then I asked myself...what is this fellow really up to? It's voyeurism taken to the extreme of course. He wants to be invisible! That's my take on it anyway. I'm sure there are others....Dick.

  15. I-pimp-for-Hobbits9 October 2006 at 09:58

    One word reviews for you Bob

    Anything by AA Gill- Wankfest
    Mein Kampf- Fascist
    Little Red Book- Chinese
    Iain Banks Complicity- Yeeeeuucch
    Janet and John- Monotonous
    Rupert Bear- insufferable
    Salam Rushdie Satanic Verses- Careful

  16. I-pimp-for-Hobbits9 October 2006 at 10:00

    Bollocks..I meant wonder I got sacked as book editor for Gollans, Gollanz...shit

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