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Saturday, 9 September 2006

Bob's Books...

Apologies if this a little too self-revelatory, but I found this

in the BHF shop this morning. That's right, a beautiful condition copy of Lionel's Shriver's Double Fault ("as read by the Rock Mother", it says on the blurby bit - any good Roster of Moster?) As well as having this rather super, leg revealing portrait of the Lionster (I *well* wouldn't half)

it is indeed, as the sticker on the front proclaims, a signed copy:

Unfortunately, it appears to have been signed not by Lionel, but by someone called Phil Kni. Still, I'm sure that won't spoil my enjoyment of it any. I'll probably just be looking at the pictures, anyroad.

btw - if you're reading this Lionel - the offer's still open. An entanglement-free weekend of Drambuie-based cocktail-and-scanty-lingerie-fuelled sex at an expensive London hotel of your choice. Just bring yourself, and I'll take care of the chocolate assortment. (Well, now I'm wedged up, why not push the boat out a little, eh?) The email address is somewhere on Spinny's comments. You'll find it.

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  1. That BHF is really good isn't it? The books seem to be in really good condition as well. I wish our local charity shop was like that. I do love a good find. You're always bagging the bargains too. I'm jealous. I like the picture of the bookshelf too! You know how I feel about booksters.

    I wonder what the best *ever* find you've had from a charity shop is?

    I reckon mine was a bag full of 1930s pill-box hats that were just so lovely. I wore them all. One was like one of those flowery swimming hats - do you know the ones that I mean? They only cost me 50p. I don't know what happened to them..I think a mouse ate them in my old flat. :(

    And I found (sorry everyone) a really, really cool mint condition copy of 'Ulysses' from the 1950s. Hardback with the dustjacket for one pound. I really liked that. And a lovely Deanna Durbin album for 20p but when I got it home it had something else inside. But it was worth it for the cover.

    Shall I go on? Tee hee. Babble. Babble.

  2. I bought about 8 albums in the Princess Alice Hospice place in Twickenham for 3 quid. Among them Some Girls, Fulfilingness first finale and...get this....a *mono* Sgt. Pepper, in really good nick. It';s the only way to listen to it - as they intended it to be heard.

    What was in the post you deleted Mollster = something rude, I hope...

  3. I wish to Nominate "An Atlas of Clinical Nuclear Medicine" in the Fara shop in Hampton Hill for 50p. Worth about £125. I felt so guilty I gave them a whole £1. Well, you can't take it with you, can you. (the money I mean. I took the book. Oh yes.)

  4. Mr. Swipe, do you know why Ms. Shriver always wears gloves on Newsnight Review. I like her books but find the glove thing a bit unsettling.

  5. I'll try that again...

    Never heard of Ms Shriver...why has she got a bloke's name?

    That's about as much of an intelligent remark as you'll get out of me.

    I did buy Fergie's hardback autobiography in a Romford charity shop once, for the princely sum of £2.

  6. I'm afraid it was only a spelling mistake Bobster. But that is something rude in my book!

    I like the image with gloves even better!

  7. Can I ask what clinical nuclear medicine is?

  8. Sorry to go on...but don't you think it's lovely when you buy a book and it's got something written on the inside cover? Some of the books I've got have got some lovely inscriptions. What's your best inscription or signed copy Bob?

  9. Nuclear Medicine: My partner's aunt thought it meant that when The Bomb went off I had to go and deal with the casualties.

    But the Government defines it as "A branch of medicine specialising in the use of radionuclides for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes", what it actually means is you get to inject people with radioactive stuff and take pictures of the results. Cool, eh? Actually not as exciting as it sounds.

    I prefer my aunt-in-law's idea as it would seem to involve a lot of sitting around doing nothing, something for which I am eminently well qualified and have practiced a lot.

    Hope this helps, Ms Bloom.

  10. Thankyou for that explanation SP. I, too, like to sit around and do absolutely nothing.

    It's very under-rated.

  11. Mollster:

    "Can I have my marigolds back?

    Love (and thanks for a great w'end),


    Inside "We Need to Talk Aboul Kevin"

    It was second hand copy too - how on *earth* did she know it would one day come into my hands? Or do you think there's someone else....??

  12. That Lionel (what a strange name?) can't have her marigolds back. No way.


  13. No competition from me re. Lionel, Bob.

    If you read it I'm sorry about the Arsenal bit: nothing against the Arse but everything against our ex-neighbour.

    Don't you hate it when bloggers promote their own blogs?

  14. Ms. Shriver changed her name to Lionel, from Margaret Ann, when she was 15. Don't ask me why. Great writer anyway.

  15. Margaret Ann isn't the best name but LIONEL????

    Bad enough on a boy but on a girl????


  16. Yes, I think so Dickster.

    She has a very accessible style but insinuates these ideas and discussions within her books so that you feel she's genuinely engaging with dilemmas and not being didactic or preachy. There are lovely descriptions too, like a tennis player "inhaling a banana".

    Very good. And cracking pins too,

    I *well* fucking would.

  17. I really enjoyed Double Fault - I can't write any more than that at the moment as I am completely exhausted and feel like my brain has trickled out of my ear. Had 3 hrs sleep between Wed and Fri due to horrible work deadline. Will be back on form tomorrow once normal hours have resumed. Yours blankly, Romo xx

  18. PS: met someone last night who is making a prog about Zoe M//girlwithaonetrackbehind! All will be revealed on my blog in the week.

  19. Well actually Robert it was you that got me started on Lionel. WNTTAK made a huge impression on my jaded taste buds and now I'm busy catching up. (I would too) Dick

  20. Oooooh very exciting rm. Do we get to see what she looks like?

  21. Dh - if you look in The Observer today there's a pic in there of GWAOTM.

  22. She's in this Sunday's Observer Mag in a sexblog round-up. Looks strangely familiar and I think I might have met her before but a long time ago - I recognised her. It's a small world out there.

  23. I thought we'd heard the last of gwafriggingotm. FFS. If you want to know what she looks like she's got a picute of HER ARSE on her blog.


    I only wanted to say how much I love 'What A Carve Up'.

  24. What a Carve Up is one of my favourite books. I am a big fan of Jonathan Coe. He's such a favourite that I can never wait for his books to go to paperback and always have to get the hardback as soon as it's out.

  25. Quite simply, What a Carve Up singlehandedly restored my faith in British fiction.

    He sounds *exactly* like Brian Eno too. How cool is that?