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Friday, 1 September 2006

Bobcast16... really shit, here if you want to be really hardcore Bobsters....

You'll probably need to whack the volume up for The Obligatory Roxy Music Track. If you want slick and professional, you're probably better off with Istvanski...

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  1. I really enjoyed your Podcast Robert. I liked the way that you laugh through your banter. Your personality comes across very clearly and you obviously love the music. B A Robertson eh? But my favourite was The Undertones track.

    I'm sure the Brit.Heart Foundation will be glad of the free advertising. :)

  2. A brill Poohcast (a new word made up by RoMo (TM)) my fave part was the song at the end! The Boosh rocks the best. But I liked The Undertones too.

  3. Thanks you my loves...

    The next post will just undo all the last year's hard work...

    But hey, it's only art!



  4. I wish to complain about your "pod"cast - it is a load of rubbish!!! Why not do a "podcast" featuring the greatest popgroup of all time, "Tears For Fears" instead of all of that load of rubbish!!

    However, I may forgive you as the picture you posted of the young you makes you look like Kurt Smith of Tears For Fears. However, my most admired member of Tears For Fears is Roland Orzabal, so, as you asked, no I *wouldent*!

  5. Thanks Glenda.

    I was thinking of doing a Tears for Fears special, actually. But as you've been so bloody rude you can stick it up yer fat monomaniacal arse - and your poxy obsessive-compulsive-one-group- weblog with it.

    You've had you plug - now if you've nothing useful to say - feck off!


  6. Relax Bob. 'Glenda' is one of these fake blog writers...I think she's RoMo in disguise.

  7. Probably my fave one so far, Bob.
    I'm talking about the Bobcast, not Glenda.